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Kanye West Makes Kelly Rowland Blush; Embarassin Moments

I was reading The Quick Catchup and came across this post about Kelly Rowland being slight embarrassed by Kanye West. So what did Kanye West do this time? Well, it seems Kanye West recognizes that Kelly Rowland is one of the hottest girls out there in the entertainment world, and decided to put it in a song. Check out the video of Kelly Rowland singing the lyrics in an interview with Complex Magazine…

Yeah, [expletive] we rolling, with some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands. In this white man’s world, we the ones chosen, So goodnight, cruel world, I see you in the mornin’

Video when you continue. Oh yeah! You may want to turn down your speakers, Kelly drops the “f-bomb” when reciting the lyrics…

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