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Dear MrsGrapevine: R Kelly Is Possessive & Abusive? Or Is He?

R Kelly and girlfriend Chante Dear MrsGrapevine: R Kelly Is Possessive & Abusive? Or Is He?A week ago, I received an e-mail revealing intimate details about singer Robert Kelly and a girlfriend named Chante. The e-mail describes R Kelly as an abusive and possessive lover who kept his girlfriend hidden from public view for “unknown reasons”:

I recently came across this Facebook page (FB profile: charlie paige) of a girl I known to be Chante, she was Rob’s (R-Kelly) girlfriend for 8 years, and he kept her secluded from the public for reasons unknown to all of us. I remember her distinctly because their relationship was very violent. He was extremely possessive over her to the point where he would make her sit in the recording booth with him when he recorded his album because he did not want any of us talking to her. He would also make all of us crowd in a van so that him and her could ride in the tour bus alone. We were never allowed to ride with him in the tour bus if she was there.

We were all kicked out of “Hotel Nikko” which is now known as SLS in Beverly Hills, California, on Grammy night because Rob and Chante got into a major physical altercation to the point where we all had to pull them two apart. It was so bad that the hotel manager asked Rob and his crew to leave immediately. We left and ended up heading back to Chicago in the middle of the night on the tour bus.

Naturally, I didn’t post the letter because I had no way of knowing if it was true or just pure slander. So a few days later I received an e-mail from Chante (Charlie Paige) herself. See, what she had to say about these rumors and about Mr. R Kelly when you continue…

R Kelly and girlfriend Chante 2 Dear MrsGrapevine: R Kelly Is Possessive & Abusive? Or Is He?

I have been getting a lot of email and inquiries about posting regarding my private love affairs with Robert whom you guys know as R-Kelly… I want to clear up a few misconceptions about my situation with him, I will not confirm nor deny any of the statements made however I will set the record straight in saying that I was over 18 when we started dating and this child molester crap that’s associated with his name is getting a little played out, because there are MANY celebrities that mess around with young ladies believe that, the only difference is their probably a little  smarter with it, but never the less there doing it. Anyways; Robert and I loved dearly, we played recklessly and we fought dangerously, that was our relationship we choose to keep it private for the same reasons you keep your relationships private because its no one business but the two involved… I would never speak negative against him nor disrespect him as a man, but what I will say is if anyone was violent in our time together it wasn’t him, if he every thought about abusing me that sex tape would have looked a lot different I would have Lorena Bobbitt his ass, so “imagine that”…. Robert heart is one of the purest I ever met in my life, yes, our relationship had some issues like most relationships but in all he  was a good man to me and I would forever be grateful for that 8 years god allotted us to share with each other.


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  2. Ah are we talking about R Kelly’s wife? Isn’t he married? Deal with the fact that he’s married first…

    • @MsTrendy,

      Wasn’t he married, and yes. They divorced last year. I think someone was being sneaky and putting R Kelly on blast.

  3. ^^^Im with you MsTrendy…..how did they have a relationship if he has been married for over 10 years. Please catch me up bc i would have to believe she was sideline material based on this article!

    • @janetfromNC,

      I believe you hit the nail!

  4. What jumps out at me, and never ceases to amaze, is that (black) people (with whatever level of education) think nothing at all of writing something for public consumption that makes them look like a chimp. Maybe it’s just a vicious cycle: They don’t know how poorly they read and write…because they read and write so poorly in the first place? She shoulda just called you on the phone and SPOKEN this nonsense.

    • @anonymousnupe,

      I know!!! I don’t think I know how to conjugate verbs anymore. The internet dumbs you down.

      Yes she should have called, especially since I have follow up questions, like how did his wife feel?

    • @anonymousnupe, shouldn’t that be should’ve or should have? I mean if we’re going to discuss others writing pooly shouldn’t we do better than them in said writing? ha!

      • @MsOverIt, “poorly”

  5. Alrighty then. So many questions, so little time:
    1. Wasn’t R Kelly married (with kids) for the longest? So this chick in question is a jumpoff, right?
    2. So this chick Chante is cool with the fact that he had relations with a minor?
    3. Even though R Kelly had relations with a minor, his jumpoff still considers him to be pure?

    Obviously she was paid off or she’s one of those victims who blame herself for their crazy significant others.

    • @Daisy,

      That’s why you can come and work for me!!! Those are my same questions, and I am awaiting the answers.


    • @dianne,

      It’s called PR. Someone is generating a buzz.

  7. Rolling my eyes and crossing them so hard that this letter ALMOST made sense. O_o #chileplease

  8. So basically she is saying that she was with him for 8 years. He was married for over 11 years to andrea WOW thats dirty. Secondly reading between the lines so the mistress is saying that she wasn’t abused because anytime she was hit she hit back which I guess is a physical fight instead of abuse. I just have to say that I have always heard rumors about him whopping on his girls. Shoot his ex wife (confirmed that from own statement in 2005) is speaking on some things too, she signed an agreement not to speak on certain things but she is saying a whole lot without saying much.I cant even imagine all that his exwife went through but it’s good she got out and is not bitter but, just moving on with her life.For the record I can’t stand cheaters and beaters they make my skin crawl.

  9. I think Mr Robert is one of those abusive people first of all how can you keep are relationship? That means R.kelly never liked her but he was just playing with his girlfriend surely he is are heart braker thats so abusive….”they say women also have rights and responsibility”


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