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Chris Brown & Usher Are On “Cordial” Status; Breezy Wears Mis-Matched Shoes To Interview

Yesterday, Chris Brown hit up Hot 97 with Angie Martinez, and for the most part the interview just went over the same questions, was the BET meltdown real or not, who is he dating, and what new projects is he working on. But, when it came to the question on Usher‘s relationship and the tour, Chris Brown’s answer was that he and Usher are not friends, they are “cordial”; When they see each other they speak. Angie Martinez, warned him that his wording implies there’s a beef, and instead of clarifying, he pretty much left it as “whatever”. Chris Brown says he doesn’t really have that many friends in the industry, it”s just business with those outside his circle.

It seems people read other blogs then try to comment, but here is the interview straight from Hot 97 in which Chris Brown says he’s “cordial” with Usher. No beef, just not friends, either. Click on Interview with Chris Brown Part 3 (listen at 3:21).

ANGIE MARTINEZ: I know you guys [Usher & Chris Brown] have a good kind of relationship?

Chris Brown: Yeah, it’s WHATEVER. We cool. You know, it’s It’s cool.

ANGIE MARTINEZ: Whoa! We got to watch the wording.

Chris Brown: I’M CORDIAL and that’s with everybody. I don’t have friends in this industry. I have my circle and I have my people I have relationships with whose been with me, that’s been with me through the bad times and the good times…everybody else is just wall paper.

I think Usher hurt Chris Brown’s feelings one too many times. In this industry it’s career first,and I think Chris Brown is seeing the industry for what it really is. #teambreezy

Check out the shoes Chris Brown was wearing during the interview. I remember when we use to this back in the day…

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