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Chris Brown Says He’s ‘A Great Guy…Now’

GQ Gentlemen Ball Red Carpet Chris Brown 200x300 Chris Brown Says Hes A Great Guy...NowDuring an interview with Access Hollywood at GQ Gentlemen’s Ball, Chris Brown admits he’s a better person today than he was during his tumultuous relationship with pop singer Rihanna, that did not end well at all. Chris Brown has redirected his energy into his art. He’s trying be more positive all around:

Everything [is] good, I’m definitely — me personally and mentally — I’m a great guy now. Definitely just a person who’s promoting positivity all the time, so that’s just me. New music coming real soon, I’m in the studio, back and fourth, continuously, just having fun.

Maybe he can mentor Charlie Sheen, who reportedly paid $12,000 for the prostitute he got violent with the other night in his hotel, while on a trip with his ex-wife and daughters.

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  1. Lets really hope that Chris has smarten up, time will tell. Little changes he does not are nothing, the long road of those changes is what we are looking for.

  2. I really hope Chris has gotten himself together. But, Charlie Sheen? Why is he getting away with so much? I remember a few months ago he attacked his girlfriend/wife and now the hotel incident and people are making excuses for him.
    Chris Brown had to pay so should Charlie.

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