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Alicia Keys Talks About Being A Mom…How Purposeful She Feels

DISCLAIMER: This not a negative commentary on Alicia Keys, it’s a negative commentary on Me (Mrs. Grapevine). It’s about me learning to be more positive and search for ways to see Alicia Keys in a more round view instead of a myopic one. She doesn’t need to change, I need to change.

Keep A Child Alive Black Ball Charity Alicia Keys3 207x300 Alicia Keys Talks About Being A Mom...How Purposeful She FeelsAlicia Keys writes a blog post about being a mother, and of course it’s about how beautiful and wonderful motherhood is. I will let you read the quote because it is beautiful, but it finally hit me why I can’t connect with Alicia Keys and her music:

Every moment is beautiful; delicious even! Every moment I’m learning and living in a way I never have before. Being present in a way I never have before. Existing in moments I never have before.

Never have I felt so calm, so purposeful in taking the time to truly observe the world around me, to live in it fully and watch it, discuss it, put time toward it. It feels really incredible – so peaceful, so complete and long overdue.

I’m grown, I’m confident, I’m secure, and so blessed to be these things.

I’m most enamored with anatomy at this point. The miracle of the human body. The ability to create all these small amazing machines of veins, capillaries, digestive systems, eyes, ears and noses. I can spend HOURS looking at one little EAR! Have u ever noticed how complex just an ear is? A tiny maze of art. It may sound silly but it’s so true. Or a heartbeat? Everyday we wake up and in some way, take for granted the fact that this beautiful pulsating organ in our body is the reason, and yet now that’s all I can think of…

And breath; invisible as it may be, how necessary! Ain’t it true that things we really can’t see are of the greatest importance?

I’ve never seen a more beautiful face in my LIFE! The most perfect eyes and beautiful nose, the sweetest lips and skin so soft and kissable!

Never have I felt such disbelief, such awe, humility, godliness, such strength, power and possibility.

I’ve never believed in greatness and the never ending Higher Power more than now!

And I can’t believe he’s mine!

Most people would be like awwwww, but something is wrong with me. I did say awwww a few times, I can relate, after all I have two sons. BUT…Her words are not balanced. I get positivity, but how was your first experience breast feeding, does he sleep well, does he look like Kaseem or does he look like Alicia Keys?  How was your birth?  Do you have a nanny? Do you have any fears? Did you cry, did you laugh? Did you use drugs during birth? All these things make people seem human to me. I love the details of life.

Anyway, it finally hit me, I like the real, ordinary, the genuine human moments, both good and bad. I love life, and I think there’s so much more strength in our weaknesses because our weaknesses serve as strengths to others. Life isn’t always perfect, people aren’t perfect. My problem is that I see Alicia Keys as perfect (even though she’s not), and I can’t connect with that perfect viewpoint. I like flaws. I like pain and joy. I need to find more ways to see her as human. I need for her music to capture the breadth of human experience (Like Jill Scott’s Crown Royal type of music, I want to feel it).

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  1. To me it just feels like damn. Like I know motherhood is a beautiful thing but damn look how you got it. Idk maybe I’m wrong.

    • @sweet2,

      I think motherhood can be beautiful no matter the circumstance.

  2. ^^^I totally agree with you sweet2…the saying goes…how you get something, is the same way you loose it! Im just saying…..

  3. I agree with you both, it is as if she is trying to hard to make the old chick feel like she is lesser of a person then she and she is the ultimate goddess that stole her happiness, in exchange for hers. Almost semi-deranged. She has placed herself on a pedistal so high she cant even she the realness of what you do on to other will be done on to you. She fail to realize the Swizz relationship with Mashonda was for 10 years, theirs just began and in a rapid proportion. Time is a mother.

  4. lol! oops see the realness, and I can agree with her on one thing having a child is a beautiful thing. But it also comes with a lot of pain and hardship.

  5. To me she just sounds like a chic blinded and guided by what she believes is love…that druggy ride or die…oh this is so beautiful, it won’t happen to me, I’m so different feeling…had it when I was in my early 20′s she’ll learn..or not!

  6. What does Alicia speaking about her child have anything to do with what happened before that? Is it not right to love your child? What is wrong with people? Do you hate to see someone (for once) be completely positive? OMG I can’t. WOW..this is stupid, like REALLY stupid. Why do we FEEL we need to know every aspect of this woman’s life? Why do we FEEL we KNOW every aspect of what happened? So many questions because there are no answers. I’m baffled. So describing love for her newborn is just not good enough for your standards, it doesn’t matter. It was a BEAUTIFUL PIECE, intelligent, and she even showed how she was inspired by her son. I’m sure she knows it’s hard, but maybe with first thought to her fans about her son, she wanted to show her love. SMH ridiculous.

    • @Awe, I agree it is not as deep as people are making it out to be. She is a first time mother that is expressing the new feelings she is having, I didn’t see much beyond that. As far as connecting with her I always have. Sometimes when an artist doesn’t have any drama around them then I think the media puts an artist on a pedestal more so than the artist. I have never viewed her as perfect, she came out as the average tomboy type, not the glam type. Alicia’s music and even videos have always been real to me. People have complained that she always shows the streets of NY in her videos. My favorite 2 videos are ‘If I Aint Got You’ with Method Man and Like You’ll Never See Me Again’ with Common, those are real life situations. I do however understand that since there are so many unanswered questions from her side then folks went with what is out there but I do think that Alicia will address some of those issues but in her own way and time.

    • @Awe,

      This doesn’t have anything to do with Alicia, it has to do with my preferences when it comes to an artist. I didn’t ask what’s wrong with Alicia, I asked what’s wrong with me.

      Alicia wrote a beautiful blog to her child, and for some reasons, I just couldn’t connect with the language. It’s because I’m looking for an in. With her is purely about art, and private life is sacred, so it makes it harder for me to connect.

      I don’t care how the baby was created, life is beautiful.

  7. If Alicia was asked about her experience as a mother, I could understand the cookie cutter answer. She was not asked so why does she feel the need to….well….lie. I know for a fact that even if you have a perfect pregnancy & childbirth, breastfeeding is not fun at all. She never said that he was healthy…which to me is the most important thing for a mother (well this mother) – not how amazing his ears are. That just goes to show that she is covering up a lot and we will never know. So I say, Alicia, if you have to lie – lie when asked, please don’t volunteer information because you thinks people want to know – or care.

    • @Kimmy, You’re saying she’s lying because she’s blissful about her son? The hospital declared he was healthy the day he was born. THIS was NOT TO PPL WHO DON’T CARE ABOUUT HER. THIS WAS HER PERSONAL BLOG, TO HER FANS TO SHOW HER APPRECIATION OF NEW LIFE THAT’S A PART OF HER. an you CLAIM she’s lying or her child isn’t healthy? SICK I swear. smh She didn’t post this for you..IF YOU DON’T CARE, DON’T READ.

      • @Awe, Ask Alicia if breastfeeding is blissful. She is lying if she says breastfeeding is blissful. Make no mistake, I love Alicia’s music. I am SURE her baby is healthy. I said that (his health) was what I would have appreciated about my child – not his ears. Your girl is a phony. Sorry. Also, I do see where she is coming from as far as the amazement new life is. I just know for myself that sleepless nights and breastfeeding every three hours – which Alicia probably is experiencing right about now – IS REAL!!!! If you have not breastfed your child – trust me, you can in no way relate to what I am saying.

      • @Kimmy, I agree with you Kimmy…..the chick is FAKE! Plain and freaking simple. Any real WOMAN who has experienced breastfeeding etc… knows it is not all that it is cracked up to be. She is hiding behiond deeper issues! Bless her child but ALICIA IS A PHONY!

    • @Kimmy, OMG this is exactly why the world is the way it is today. A MOTHER cannot express love and bliss over her little infant on her blog, which is basically for her fans? Wow!!! What type of world are we living in. Says a lot about you as a person. Dig deep sweetheart and find out why you have this inside of you. SMH!!!

      • @Renee, I don’t have a blog so no, I can’t relate to telling the world a partial truth. Motherhood – if done right – is hard work. Now I understand that Alicia’s image is part of her bread & butter – so trust me, I ain’t hatin’. I just KNOW that there is another story that is not being told which tells me that outside of her music, she is not going to be real with the public. It’s ok to be a public figure who chooses not to be real. I might be the same way, if I were in her shoes. Common people front like its all good – so why shouldn’t she??

      • @Kimmy, its her first comments on the blog about this so maybe her next one will be about her new challenges, sleepless nights etc….

      • @Renee, get a grip….in this world we live in-FREEDOM OF SPEECH, is what each individual has! It is okay for her to appreciate the blessing of an innocent child, it is not okay for her to keep pretending she lives IN A DAYUM FAIRYTALE WORLD…..HOWEVER, there are people like yourself and Alicia who may volunteer lies.

  8. Poor thing too bad its not going to last!

    • @STEFANY, so what if it doesn’t last…no man will make her stop loving her child.

      • @, Well duhhhhh, she’s a mother she will always love her child doesn’t still doesn’t justify how she got it.

    • @STEFANY, lol

  9. I’m disgusted with people, I can’t describe my disgust with the blogsphere right now. Strange that people turn this into something so negative. Her love for her child is suddenly a lie. Trippy. wow

    • @Awe, Sorry @AWE. You are right. What Alicia wrote was beautiful. Children are precious gifts from God. Alicia is not responsible for educating teen girls on the reality of motherhood that want to have babies because they think it’s fun. With all those baby Mommas she’s going to have to deal with – I guess I would be blissful too if I could now finally compete with them for my husbands attention. Ooops. Was that negative? lol just kidding.

      • @Awe, Sorry @AWE. You are right. What Alicia wrote was beautiful. Children are precious gifts from God. Alicia is not responsible for educating teen girls (on the reality of motherhood) that want to have babies because they think it’s fun. With all those baby Mommas she’s going to have to deal with – I guess I would be blissful too if I could now finally compete with them for my husbands attention. Ooops. Was that negative? lol just kidding.

      • @Kimmy, lol….exactly!

  10. Wow, folks are going in…what is the big deal that she is expressing the positive side of childbirth? She never said she didn’t feel any pain and everything went smoothly she is just talking about being in awe of the human body and her baby. It is her blog she can say what she wants without being asked that is the nature of a blog. I am sure she will write more. Besides I feel like in this day and age with crazy women killing their kids for crying and whatnot then if looking at his ear is what does it for her than so be it. That child will be loved and taken care of and that is all that matters.

    • @koko,

      This is blog post about why I can’t connect, not why Alicia Keys is a bad person (She’s not).

      Alicia Keys words were so beautiful, and I should have just seen the beauty, but I wanted more.

      So the point is, how can I look for the good, and not get caught up in my false perception of Alicia Keys.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, when I first commented your disclaimer wasn’t there LOL! no need for a disclaimer its your blog. I do get what you are saying, I feel that way about some artist just can’t connect to them or their music.

      • @koko,

        I had to, people were taking it the wrong direction.

  11. I understand exactly how she feels, the moment they put that precious life that you are responsible for in your arms, your heart is no longer yours, it belongs to that child, life as you know it changes instantly, your instincts change instantly. I don’t expect that everyone would get what she is saying, but aside from that, to bring anything negative into this, is just a sign of the times, what she wrote was so heartfelt and beautiful and the blessing in it is that her little boy will know by words and actions, just how much he means to his mom. Some humans will never experience such love, whether it’s that they cannot have kids, or on the flip side if as a child you were not shown such unconditional love, and that speaks volumes, because in most occassions when you find people that are cynical and brash and just downright hateful, it comes from them not being loved whole heartedly. A parents love is the foundation of how you will love others, and this child is truly blessed. I have said it before and I will say it again, no matter how this little baby got here, he was meant to be here, God ordained his presence, before Alicia or Swizz was even here themselves, so we can go in circles from now until the end of time, that will not change. Lying, Adultery, Bearing false witnees, fornication, all sins, all of equal worth, none greater than the other, so if any of you on here has committed any of these sins, you stand beside her in sin, hence, you have no right to judge, and by the way bearing false witness is speaking and trying to bring credibility on those things which we do not know, so a whole lot of sinning going on here.

    Good Luck to Alicia, Swizz and Baby Egypt, he is one lucky little baby. Imagine him reading what his mom wrote about him when he is 5 or even 18. Wow!!!

    • @Kelly, Beautiful words…

  12. I am a mother of three and I can’t connect to Alicia’s post either. She is trying too hard. On another note I do feel Jahna Sebastian’s blog I read on blackcelebritykids

    • @Anita, I have read both blogs and can relate to both. I used to say a person is trying to hard but truth be told we all come from different evironments so what touches one person may not do the same to another. Whatever she went through in life may make her feel this strong. Some others may feel like it is exaggerating or being fake but she could have been thinking about her deceased grandmother or reuniting with her father after many years of him being absent. It could be any number of things that motivated her words. Forget that it could just be pure hormones as well LOL!!

  13. Wow! I’m touched by what AK wrote about her baby. I can’t wait for him to read it when he gets older. You can’t deny how heartfelt her words were.

  14. Hell! If that is the case then breaking up others marriages falls in the catogory of signs of the times, according to the bible the 1st wife will always hold that title the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th is irrelivant. But her love for her child is beautiful I can’t take that from her i’m happy she is getting a chance to experience what countless of women have. My fan is God I don’t believe in idolizing another human being I don’t care how much cash they have in the bank.


  15. WOW!! Is all I can say about these comments, and we wonder why we are in the condition that we are in as a nation, and why our children are so mean and uncaring for each other. Wow!!!!!

    • @Simone,

      These comments have nothing to do with the condition we are in as a nation, that was bad policy.

  16. @Kisa, it is amazing how people see what they want to see in the bible!!! But to each his own . Each one individually will stand on his own and be judged, so it doesn’t matter what your perception is.

    • @Nicole, You are absolutely correct about standing alone and being judged.That is why I avoid situations were i am putting another through pain to gain strength. I have sinned i can’t lie but to repent is to ask for forgivness, but to pretend that you are perfect and then demand praise for what you have done that just throws me.


      • @KISHA, Are you in anyones home or car or church, with them when they confess their sins and ask for forgiveness? no, you don’t know the relationship with any other person and God, except your own, so once again we are dealing with what you see it to be, not necessacirily what it is. No one is perfect and just becuase you think that is what you see, you don’t know. When I kneel at night that conversation is between me and my God and no one else, he knows my heart and my soul and that is the ONLY one that matters, so your perception does not, so what you may see on that person is peace, in their hearts that they have made their peace with God.

  17. I really don’t understand why people are saying they can’t connect to Alicia’s post. Alicia is very intelligent and she’s a writer and that’s how she articulates herself. I think that whole purpose of the blog entry was to share with her fans how the birth of her son premanently altered her persceptive of the world around her. In others words, she appreciates the smaller things in life in a way she never did before. People are too hung up on her relationship with Swizz and that’s where all of these negative comments are coming from. The fact of the matter is, we don’t know the whole story of their relationship; and they own us no explanation. I wish you the best Alicia. :-)

    • @Locksandmantras,

      Well, I can tell you that she is intelligent, but it’s matter of taste. I can’t understand why some people don’t like steak or salmon, but there are plenty of people who don’t.

      I think the relationship has been a factor, but even critics said this album lacks depth, and that it was simple and repetitive. So this is not about Swizz, this is about her music, and why I have a hard time connecting to it.

      I don’t have hard time understanding the words; it’s not like the metaphors or symbols are that deep. I feel like she copies soul music, and not like she captures soul music. I don’t feel her words or sounds in my bones. When I listen to Monica, Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Melanie Fiona, Jennifer Hudson, etc…Their music consumes me, transports me. I feel it from the inside. I relate.

      I know Alicia Keys is talented, but by album 3, I really wanted to see the grit…

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, that is your opinion and you are more than right to have your opinion, but you need to understand that you will probably never connect with her, just like I will never connect with some other office, so it is neither here nor there, you have to be connected to her and her music to understand that last album, that album was from the heart and soul, it told her story of love and knowing that everyone was not happy about her being in this relationship, but this is where she was and this is where her heart was and she was going to see it through. Each and every song, with the exception of the song with Beyonce, gives you insight into what she was feeling and thinking at the time that she was writing those songs, and the one song that summed the entire situation up was That’s how strong my love is and I dare to say that, that song has now taken on a whole new meaning, because if that is how strong it was for her man, oh my goodness, just imagine how strong it is for baby Egypt, some people will get it, and some people won’t, don’t make them more or less, it just makes us human, I can appreciate not appreciating someone’s music, but when you bring their personal lives into it, then it becomes murky. I like her as a person and her music for what it is. If I stoped liking Alicia today for whatever reason. i would still love her music, because it speaks to me, it all depends on your experiences and what you have gone through in life. There are artist that I don’t particularly care for personally but some of their work is so extrodinary, that I will go out and buy it and listen to it because. I am a music lover, and I give credit where credit is due. It’s simple.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2-I meant artist!!

      • @Rochelle,

        I think Alicia Keys is an extraordinary person, we all make mistakes we’re human. I think you’re missing my point. Mary J Blige has made plenty of mistakes, yet her music is so powerful to me. When she sings it stirs my soul.

        I don’t think AK music is that extraordinary, and I don’t think we’ve even heard her best yet. Largely because it’s more of a pop form of R&B.

        We have moved on from her personal life because the child is here. Honestly, she deserves to be happy with Swizz. People need to grow and change…

        Personal life has nothing to do with it, you can check my archives and see that I’ve always felt this way about her music.

        I’m glad you can connect, and that’s great, but every human is different and every experience is different. Now, I have you to show me how to connect and listen.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, It is all a matter of opinion, because I honestly can’t connect with too much pain. I look forward to positive songs, and that’s what Alicia gives me. That’s why their are different artists so you can get what you need from them. I know Alicia’s music is uplifting, she’s just a positive person/writer. Now I also have my days when I need to listen to Mary J Blige. They both are my 2 favorite artists but for totally different reasons. The only artist you listed that I can connect with emotionally is Melanie Fiona. I think positive music is needed now, that song Wait til’ You See My Smile is definitely my favorite and touches me more than any song I’ve heard this year. So yea, it’s a matter of taste..just like some people can’t take too much of something happy, others can’t do pain

  18. To me she wrote this post for other people and not herself. It is ok to love your child and to enjoy motherhood but she did not need to make a statement to the world about it and if she was just another average mother no one would looking or checking for her comment. She acts like we want or need to hear it ok on that not will other mothers please give us there opinion about motherhood because we all need an Ak moment.

    • @resurrected, and the problem is? you people are so ridiculous, she wrote on HER blog and shared it with HER fans, it was in her to say it and she did, it was in her to put it in print and she did, and I’m glad, because that little boy will know exactly how his mother viewed him, when he first got into this nasty, distructive, hate driven, cynical world that we live in.

      • @nicole,

        At the end of the day people do what works for them. You are talking about hate driven world well she contribute to that when she created a ugly life situation and she is not the only person who loves her children and wants a family so did he first wife and other baby mother. At the end of the day no one want to hear you every thought if you are happy of your life style it does not always have to be publicized on a blog. She is no different then any other mother. I am getting to the point where I am about to reject it all for my own sanity because we all live, breath and chit the same reality for the most part.

    • @resurrected, She didn’t make a statement to the world, she made one to her supporting fans. the world just copied and pasted it.

  19. A.K comment”Every moment is beautiful; delicious even!” what is that all about?? The delicious part???

    • @janetfromNC, that’s about kissing their little cheeks and sniffing up under their little necks, which always smells so good.

  20. @resurrected, there is always the option to bypass it and go to the next story when you see her name. The media went to HER BLOG and copied what she said, she did not post it in USA Today or CNN or any other media, she wrote it for her fans and the others came and printed and posted it, so you have the option to move on to the next story, its really simple.

    • @Nicole,

      You know how many stories I pass on…This is something I was thinking and so it’s something that will be posted.

      Her blog is public, just like CNN, and any other media. This is not a news site, but people keep acting like it is. This is the beauty shop and if something is on my mind, I come to y’all for advice.

      This was on my mind, and I want to know what you think, and what others think.

      We can have a healthy discussion without being too negative.

  21. So let’s sum it all up shall we? LOL!! I guess it would be to each his own…….

    • @koko,


  22. Since when was AKeys’ music a pop form of R&B? Can someone explain this to me. I could understand if you say Rihanna or Beyonce but Alicia Keys? No way.

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