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Alicia Keys Buy Life T-Shirt Campaign For Keep A Child Alive

Alicia Keys has come out with a brilliant campaign to help raise money for Keep A Child Alive to battle AIDS/HIV in areas stricken by poverty. The name of the campaign is Buy Life, and the concept is simple. With just a click of a button from a cell phone app, you can help save a child’s life by scanning a bar code– just like you would in a grocery store. You scan the code with your cell phone, and viola you’ve purchased the ability to save someone’s life by helping them purchase anti-retroviral drugs to battle HIV, thus the name Buy Life.

If you want to go a step further, you can purchase a Buy Life T-shirt, and help spread the world visually. People can also scan your t-shirt to make a donation. So you are essentially an ambassador to Keep A Child Alive and a philanthropist.

BE POSITIVE!!! Go to Buy Life right now, and save a life:

Buy Life T Shirt Alicia Keys Alicia Keys Buy Life T Shirt Campaign For Keep A Child Alive

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  1. Thanks for the positivity Mrs.Grapevine!!! I love Serena’s shot. I’m ordering my shirt! I love the organization. Ryan Seacrest and Alicia Keys said they are going to do something amazing on World Aids Day.

    • @Awe,

      No problem. How can you not admire this!

  2. This is a wonderful innovative movement. It actually kicked of the day of the black ball and has been going strong ever since, and many more celebrities are getting on board, this is the Alicia that we as her fans love, this is why we get a lot of what she says, her level of thinking is way out there in a good way. This organization is a blessing and she is not a sideline founder, she gets into the thick of it all. Buy a Life and help save one child at a time, it adds up.

    • @Simone,

      I love this Alicia Keys, too, but her music is still bubble gum pop.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, clearly you are joking!! Bubble gum pop!! yeah ok, time to get the hearing checked. Maybe a little insight on this phenomena known as Alicia Keys. SMH!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5gyAYZM8b4

      • @Simone,

        Beyonce, Brittney Spears, also sell out arenas. It’s called cross-over, and it’s pop. They also make each album “more personal” although it’s not.

        It’s just a matter of preference, to me AK is pop soul, and Jill Scott is just real, or more real.

        They both can exist in this world, but I prefer a little Henney in my coke sometimes. I’ll try to be less critical of AK’s music.

  3. Yo, was Willow Smith in Avatar? If not, she needs to be in the next one! Minus the blue hue, she looks just like one of them!

    • @anonymousnupe,

      I thought the babies were off limits, or does that go out the window when they have a hit called whip my hair.

  4. I really like all the pics! Just cool and natural. Neat idea.

    • @koko,

      Agrees, pretty neat.

  5. LOL! I dig her, but just look at her and then google up one of those Avatar pics. (They were gettin’ down to her song at my son’s middle school dance on Friday night, by the way. You shoulda seen my friend, another dad, with 4 ft. long dreads whippin’ to the song!)

  6. @Mrsgrapevine2 good to hear, there is hope for you yet!! LOL!! and by the way, Beyonce and Brittney are pop, I can’t tell you the last time I heard anything of real substance from Beyonce: If I were a boy, and come to find out that wasn’t even really hers and Hopelessly in love with you, the rest of it is bubble gum!! Freakum Dress, Single Ladies, all gimicky, no substance. Years from now, I can’t imagine that anyone will hear some of those songs and remember anything but the club, with Alicia you will hear her songs and remember where you were and what you were doing when you hear her songs. Continue to keep an open mind.

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