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Rapper Diamond Car Gets Repossessed While Crowd Watches

Posted by on Oct 31, 2010 in Celebrity News | 1 comment

Wow, I don’t know what to say other than it’s a recession out there. During a video shoot with Young Money, a tow truck pulls up and hauls Diamond’s brand new bright yellow 2011 Chevy Camaro away. The strange thing is that the car is only a week old. How do you get a car only a week old repossessed? I’m with Diamond on this one, something doesn’t sound right. It’s either fraud or somebody’s big check b-bounced. I don’t know the law, but don’t you have to be behind on payments more than a week to get possessed.

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Blame Antoine Dodson: Best Political Signs At Rally To Restore Sanity With Jon Stewart

Posted by on Oct 31, 2010 in Celebrity Events, Politics | 4 comments

The best signs at the Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity & Fear: SMH! That Antoine Dodson reign, just want let up...

Antoine Dodson Jon Stewart Blame Antoine Dodson: Best Political Signs At Rally To Restore Sanity With Jon Stewart

Here are few more to enjoy. Please get off your behinds and go vote. I’m not telling you who to vote for, I’m just simply saying VOTE.

Best Sanity Rally Signs 9 Blame Antoine Dodson: Best Political Signs At Rally To Restore Sanity With Jon Stewart

Sanity Rally Signs Blame Antoine Dodson: Best Political Signs At Rally To Restore Sanity With Jon Stewart

Check out more hilarious signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity. It’s a sad day in America, when we have to have a rally to remind people we are still human.

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Chris Brown Says He’s ‘A Great Guy…Now’

Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Quotes | 2 comments

GQ Gentlemen Ball Red Carpet Chris Brown 200x300 Chris Brown Says Hes A Great Guy...NowDuring an interview with Access Hollywood at GQ Gentlemen’s Ball, Chris Brown admits he’s a better person today than he was during his tumultuous relationship with pop singer Rihanna, that did not end well at all. Chris Brown has redirected his energy into his art. He’s trying be more positive all around:

Everything [is] good, I’m definitely — me personally and mentally — I’m a great guy now. Definitely just a person who’s promoting positivity all the time, so that’s just me. New music coming real soon, I’m in the studio, back and fourth, continuously, just having fun.

Maybe he can mentor Charlie Sheen, who reportedly paid $12,000 for the prostitute he got violent with the other night in his hotel, while on a trip with his ex-wife and daughters.

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Do People Expect Too Much From Nicki Minja? Or Is She Just Plastic?

Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Quotes, Videos | 8 comments

I admit I didn’t want to watch the video of Jasmine Mans going in on Nicki Minaj until Necole Bitchie graciously transcribe the words so that I can read along. All I can say is wow, if you haven’t watch this video, you need to now. Poet Jasmin Mans wrote a poem entitled “Nicki Minaj” and all I can say is that she does not hold back. I agree with some of the issues Miss Mans brought up, but I do feel she was very harsh, considering Nicki Minaj is really the only contender in the ring right now.

Anyway, it was suggested that we expect too much from Nicki Minaj, and that Nicki can’t be all thinks to all people. Do you agree with that statement or are you more like Jasmin Mans and think, “this microphone is not a dildo so you are going to have to cum a little harder than that.” (Roger that)…

You trading you paper in exchange for you to be plastic, all Dolls will eventually mal-function

(I don’t even know why you girls bother at this point like give it up, it ‘s me I win you lose)

Nicki MInaj,

(It’s me)

I must admit. I have always been intrigued by your ass,I guess that’s what the world looked like after falling from your shoulders.

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*Screams* Janet Jackson Is FINE! On 106 & Park

Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Movie Premier, Movie Premiere, TV Shows, Videos | 3 comments

Janet Jackson is just so beautiful, and she gets better with time. I know an un-name producer is hurting right now for letting that go. Anyway, Janet Jackson was on 106 & Park to promote her latest film, For Colored Girls, and to promote her new book, True View, that talks about her self-esteem issues and her weight loss and gain over the years. The audience goes wild when she walks into the studio, including Terrence J. I mean, who hasn’t had a crush on Janet Jackson at some point?

Janet Jackson 106 Park *Screams* Janet Jackson Is FINE! On 106 & Park

The video of Janet Jackson on 106 & Park,  including a bonus clip of the movie, For Colored Girls when you “continue”…

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