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Video: Serena Williams Gives Oprah Feet A Pedicure

We have all seen Oprah’s feet, and Oprah has made some jokes about those feet, so we know Serena Williams is serious when she says she wants to be a licensed nail technician. To prove it, she gives Oprah’s feet a pedicure on camera, on national TV.

Serena Williams Gives Oprah Feet Pedicure Video: Serena Williams Gives Oprah Feet A Pedicure

If you know me, you’d know I have a feet phobia. I do not touch other people’s feet except for my sons. I know it’s weird, anyway check out the video when you “continue reading”…

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  1. Chillllllllllllle..I had the priviledge of actually seein this on TV recently..I have to say I was shocked..Oprahs feet look really painful..idk how she can walk in heels wit those bad boys….Now Serena looked really pretty and determined lol…but hey at least she not stuck up!

  2. Hey, if it (“washing” someone else’s feet) was good enough for Jesus…

  3. That was cool, I am glad she wasn’t afraid to go back to school. She learned something that made her happy outside of tennis. After tennis she can open a shop and it will do well.

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