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Terrell Owens In Tears Because He’s A Dead Beat Dad?

Just when Kita and Mo were doing a good job of making me like Terrell Owens, we find out on Sunday’s episode of the T.O. Show that Mr. Owens has a three year old son he has not seen, EVER! Why you ask? Because Mr. Owens doesn’t have a good relationship with the baby’s mother. The irony in this whole situation is that T.O. didn’t know his father very well growing up, and when asked about the hurt he felt by not having a father, he was brought to tears. My thing is, if you know you were so hurt by your father why would you turn around and do it to your son. I appreciate him putting his business on the line for all to judge, and I hope this season ends with him being a better father to all of his children. BTW, he has two daughters that he does spend time with.

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  1. Usually a man in tears in heartbreaking for me. However watching this video makes me so disappointed in Terrell. There is no excuse for this. The child should not be the victim of his parents juvenile ways. It’s horrible. Terrell needs to wipe those useless tears off his face and do what he knows is the RIGHT thing to do.

    • @Kimora Cochran,


  2. Thats sad…He should know better. No excuse!!!

    • @let go let god,

      No excuse is right! He should be teaching his son how to throw and catch and read.

  3. This probally will be the story line for season #3 (should there be one)

  4. If T.O.wanted to have a relationship with his son, he would have one. He can get a court order for visitation and he doesn’t even need to see the mother. He needs to quit with the excuses.

  5. T.O. is the most sensitive ego maniac I’ve ever seen. I must admit, I felt my chest get a little tight when I saw that water pool up in his left eyeball.

  6. i have NO sympathy. not only is he not caring 4 his son, but now the jackass is USING HIM for ratings.

    this S.O.B. sucks

    he’s like all the other low life n8ggah men who say they dont want to do better than the father that mistreated them. if he was a decent man his SON would be the star of his show. i’m not watching it again.

    he doesn’t want to take care of black women or children with his self hating azz. he needs to get rid of that psych doc he is making rich and concentrate on God, forgiveness, and unconditional love, and putting his son on that show, and giving thanks to the child’s mother for giving him a son. I KNOW THE MOTHER IS BLACK BECAUSE HE WOULDN’T TREAT A WHITE BABY MAMA LIKE THAT. HE SHOULD WORSHIP THE GROUND THAT BABY BOY’S MOM WALKS ON.

  7. Why do so many professional athletes have to prove the stereotypes about them true.
    Very disappointed in T.O. he shouldn’t let anything or anyone keep him from his son especially when he knows how it feels to neglected from his own.

  8. he’s too busy chasing White tail, that’s why he’s a deadbeat dad, besides the fact that he’s probably scared and doesn’t know how to be a father. I certainly give kudos to Usher.

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