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T.I. & Tiny Arrest Update: Codeine, Marijuana and Ecstasy

This is not a good look for T.I. or Tiny—but especially T.I. who has been on probation since his 2009 weapons charge and stint in prison. T.I.’s probation officer filed documents in Georgia stating that the L.A. Sheriff’s office found codeine, marijuana and ecstasy in his car. They also found opiates in T.I.’s blood. Codeine is an opiate. Though a court date has not been set, T.I. will soon enough be standing in front of a judge explaining why he shouldn’t be sent back to prison for violating his probation. The violations would be: possession, testing positive for opiates and association with a felon. Not sure what the last charge is about, isn’t T.I. himself the felon? hmmmm, SMH.

Do you think T.I. should go back to prison?

T.I. Mugshot T.I. & Tiny Arrest Update: Codeine, Marijuana and Ecstasy

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  1. I’ll be the FIRST to say, YES he should “go straight to prison, Do not pass go and do not collect $200!” His actions were irresponsible, and he should face the consequences anyone else have to face in the same situation.

  2. I think he should suffer the consequences. If it was anybody else we would of been in jail by now. Even though I like T.I. as and artist it does not give him a free pass.

  3. Da#n…I almost forgot about this..just when they both were doin so well…they have way too many h8ts to be sooo sloppy!

  4. Yeah, unfortunately it usually takes two or three sessions for the rich and famous to really internalize a lesson. I wonder if, like in the movies, the guard holding the gate open for him when he left prison the first time looked T.I. up and down and smirked, “Yeah, boyyeeee, you’ll be back!”

  5. LMAO.@anonymousnupe

  6. not sure if he should go to prison or not but i do know this is one typical dumb southern negro. they r a dime a dozen down here – drinking/smoking marijuana in the car, etc., when the fools could have done that at home.

    if he is true to form, he’ll be preaching and staring a church next.

    lawyers gone have ALL HIS MONEY

  7. i know he too stupid to know how to hide his money. dumbness is so disgusting.

  8. Looks like Clifford Harris Jr will be back on his 3 hots and a cot plan.You would think someone in the crew would have some common sense. He needs to befriend some nuns or monks……smh

  9. I understood why he had the weapons when he first went to prison and was sad to see him go down but this is just ridiculous. Him and Tiny have kids to take care of and support and were blatantly being stupid. I love TI’s music and I support him but he needs to be taught a lesson.

  10. I am a HUGE fan of T.I., but he is human and is not above the law. If he violated his probation, then he should suffer the consequences. However, I will never look down on a person for what they do as pleasure or as a way to deal with stress. A lot of people are saying they have children and they should not be doing this or doing that…people do what they do to cope with life…checking your email, FB, twitter and other accounts 10+ times a day may seem odd/dumb to others, but to the rest its just fine…some people smoke, some drink, some eat, etc…I’m saying its right, I’m just saying people need to stop acting like they do not have skeletons…that is all.

    • @LaKeshia @ Kreative Talk,

      If he wants to get high, yes I agree that’s his choice, but all choices have effects.

      If he gets caught, he also has to deal with consequences.

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