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Rihanna’s New Look: How Do I Find Uplifting Words???

Rihanna is shooting a new video, and lately she’s been wearing this red wig nest extension thingy on her head. Bloggers have the reputation of being mean, and negative, but someone for real tell me how can I find something nice to say, when I just don’t like it. The sad thing is, someone will. Someone who is not famous will be walking around the club with this hair, thinking it’s hot because Rihanna wore it.

It’s irresponsible fashion, and I am the one who will suffer when I see poor little girls out in public looking like Rihanna clones…BUT, on a positive note, this video will probably be hot. The hair may not translate well into the real world, but Rihanna can make a trash bag look sexy.

Rihanna Shoots New Video Rihannas New Look: How Do I Find Uplifting Words???

Rihanna Shoots New Video2 192x300 Rihannas New Look: How Do I Find Uplifting Words??? Rihanna Shoots New Video NYC 204x300 Rihannas New Look: How Do I Find Uplifting Words???

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  1. Why does Ronald McDonald comes into my mind? smh…

    • @bluestar,

      Homey the clown.

  2. I’m sorry but she looks like a clown. Don’t get me wrong she’s a pretty girl but it seems like she’s trying too hard. People labeled her a fashion queen (not me) so it’s like she’s trying to bring out the next look or top herself. I don’t know I’m not a fan so maybe it’s just me!

    • @LaTanya,

      She’s a beautiful clown. She’s bringing fashion to the Big Top.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

  3. LOL!! This is the Katy Perry influence, her BFF. She can rock the color but the wig is cheap and frizzy looking that’s all. She just needs to get a better looking red wig and tone the color down just a bit.

    • @koko,

      I agree, the shape of the wig is very Katy-isk

  4. WHY?!

  5. I agree. Wig looks cheap and too Ronald McDonald. Nothin against Rihanna though.

    • @PONYears,

      Rihanna is really a cute girl, but it seems like she is really trying to like the hair herself.

  6. There are no uplifting words for that cotton clown wog she has perched on her head… Oh wait! It is quite entertaining and the children should love it since she looks like a pretty version of Ronald McDonald! Lol!

    • @viciousvixen,

      I really don’t think Ri Ri is feeling this hair. I really don’t…

  7. Its ok Mrs. Grapevine..you tried..Im proud of you for takin baby steps..but the only words that come to mind wheneva I see a picof her posted is #TRAGICDESPERATEPOSER.. See… nuthin uplifting at all…shame!

  8. So many young girls out there with actual TALENT will never get the chance she has. So unfair!

  9. ummmm hello people! i think rihanna thinks it looks a hot mess too.i dont see why you people expect celebrites to look all fancy and perfect for yall.the same people talking crap are the same ones that will follow

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