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Photos: Naomi Campbell And Billionaire Boyfriend At Film Festival

It looks like Naomi Campbell and  her (good-looking) Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, are still going strong. Check out photos of Naomi and Valdislav at the 67th Venice Film Festival at Sala Grande Palazzo Del Cinema last night.

Naomi Campbell And Valdislav Doronin At 67th Venice Film Festival3 Photos: Naomi Campbell And Billionaire Boyfriend At Film Festival

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  1. I think she looks good..but the hair..its just to much of a wig for me to totally like it..a pulled bck bun would have been better..and it also would have made the dress look better too!

    • @supanova, i’ll have to agree with you about the wig…it looks a bit to ‘wiggish’.

  2. Love her ot hate her, Naomi looks good. See recent pictures of her at Venice film festival http://bit.ly/aTwunN

  3. Wow. What must it feel like to have billions of dollars? Wow.

  4. It may just be me, however those black stockings under those black heels are really killing me!

  5. @Kimora Cochran* I thought that was her naturl skintone!

  6. IF he was serious about her he’d have divorced long ago and married her.

    She claims he is a billionaire but I doubt that. He’s after HER money and she will give it.

    When she finally realize she’s been USED UP she’ll crack up once and for all.

  7. um ook well her billionare bf should have gotten her a better dress! That dress is awful!!!

  8. I’m dying to see the day she finally finds the ONE ;-).

  9. I hope she lands on her feet after the relationship ends with the so-called billionaire. We’d all like to wish her the best, but taking general things into perspective and consideration, leads one to wonder where could this really be heading

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