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Photos: Christina Milian Tweets Sexy Photos Of Herself

It looks like Christina Milian is doing a good job getting over The Dream. Check out these photos of Christina tweeted of herself from her upcoming calendar shoot and hanging out with her friend, Ashely Benson.

Christina Milian Tweets Pics From Her Calendar Shoot Photos: Christina Milian Tweets Sexy Photos Of Herself

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  1. glad she is out still enjoying herself and looking well even after the nightmare! she was cheated on too, but she’s not out here in every mag talking bout it either. way to show them this how u do it Mili. 4get the niggas its on to the next….

  2. the old saying goes, ‘OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND’, but people who work in tourism cultures learn to stay on the mind of the tourist they hope will rescue them from the island through pictures.

    christina is using this to try and lure the dream back into her little con game. she needs more time in the marriage to get major money out of him. dream made a smart move. if he can get the child, he could be totally rid of her and stop the destruction of his life.

  3. wow, that is hot gurl, glad you aint letting the dream pull you down. I am available

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