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Photos: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Walk Through NYC

Check out photos of a very pregnant Alicia Keys and her new husband Swizz Beatz. Keys and Beatz were photographed walking in Tribeca in NYC yesterday. Um, I’m no body language expert, but why does Swizz Beatz look a bit suspect and not so thrilled about Alicia being on his arm. We could argue that they were just annoyed by the photographers. But still. Careful there. You all know what I’m saying.

Pregnant Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Walk In Tribeca Area of New York City3 Photos: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Walk Through NYC

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  1. You don’t need to be a body language “expert” of any kind to see that the reason why they look so distant is because there’s no natural chemistry between them. She always looks like she’s latching on to him strictly for the photogs and press, while he looks like he wants to be anywhere else but there in the moment. He looks aggravated and highly annoyed in many pics with her. Her facial expressions aren’t exactly bubbling over with lust and/or excitement, either. You don’t have to grin and dance for anybody, but somehow, I don’t get the feeling that they are or ever were romantically involved. Straight up, to me, they’re posing for the media. Plus he practically confirmed on that MTV interview with Sway they ARENT a couple in the traditional sense, as their “wedding” would have everyone believe, they’re in a union and connected, alright, but only “spiritually” so.

    • @Jamie, my thing is that I can’t help being somewhat skeptical when it comes down to Swizz Beatz and his bad habit of leaving his baby’s mamas. Hmmm. Hope for the best though.

  2. these two here, I dont know how I feel about it, but they sure look like they have great chemistry and love being with eachother.A . Keys is glowing and that belly is growing. I cant wait till that baby gets here.

    • @let go let god, let’s hope that turns out to be true. I don’t think many people wish ill-will on their marriage. But I have to completely disagree with you on at least this picture. They don’t seem like a couple in love…she’s the one who’s pregnant but Swizz is the one who looks like he’s having hot flashes.

  3. are they even legally married? There behavior and leave me-alone attitude makes it easy to ask questions like this and have folks wonderin about the realness of it all. It just dont seem REAL yo I can’t shake that feeling. My moms says the same thing, that the wedding looked staged and she has never ever been linked to any dude before Swizz outside of the older guy that was her former music partner, now he’s out of the picture and Swizz came rollin in like thunder with this sly grin and this fu*ked up marriage/affair bull and alicia go off runnin with his a$$ like she in the NYC marathon. She’s so private my mom said, why is she now on the front and center of page six and in all the blogs with her new man? Weird to say the least. I agree with Jamie, and if it actually is, fine, Ill be the first to admit i was wrong. But until then ,when there’s smoke….

  4. WOW..HERE GOES THE PERFECT 2010 COUPLE AGAIN..awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @janetfromNC, lol!

  5. Dang ya’ll get all that from a couple pictures? Geez talk about over analyzing.

    • @tutu, lol. we are playing the devil’s advocate a bit.

    • @tutu, sometimes it’s easy. To me it looks like the paps are annoying them or more likely hecklers (shouting homewrecker or man whore or something) and they are a little annoyed – Swizz looks more agitated. It appears that AK is telling him to ignore the hecklers…. that’s what it looks like to me…. they actually stop and look like they’re saying something to someone off camera… yeah.. it looks like they’re being heckled by somebody that isn’t feeling their relationship/marriage.

  6. I think Swizz love the publicity of any kind. He was probably hot. Like, I mean sweating hot. Ak must be doing really good to get out and walk in that heat. I’m happy for her and she looks great!

    • @ldl, good point on the publicity angle.

  7. Mrs. Grapevine, I see what you mean. In that picture, she looks like she’s holding onto him, but the way his arm is dangling looks as if he doesn’t want to be bothered. Maybe it’s the NYC heat, or maybe the hormones are making AK extra clingy, or maybe she was always like that but Swizz found it attractive at first. Either way, we all know how unstable Swizz is, so I hope AK has her exit plan when he leaves her. Although she has more money than him, he may ruin her like Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston. Oh well, that’s Karma for ya!

  8. I know what happened. Swizz got a good look at those monster thighs in the daylight and, already knowing that AK has a propensity towards cankles, he came to his senses. Hence his body language.

  9. SMH..I wonder about people…commentators the most. SMH I swear I was just watching that Lauryn hill video where he was holding her around her waist and rubbing her belly while she danced. Plus People magazine just said they were coming from a romantic dinner date. “The couple — who tied the knot at the end of July — hit up Big Apple eatery Via dei Mille, where they shared a Caprese salad, mixed vegetable plate and sea bass.

    “They seemed so in love,” an onlooker told People magazine. “There was not a moment of silence between the two.”…What do you want him to carry her in 90 degree weather while laughing and jumping up and down!..WTF? No. People typing paragraphs of how they think a persons relationship is real or not..SMH WTF is wrong with people? Ridiculous.

    • @Style, I thought the same thing, he was all over her at the Lauryn Hill concert. This is just a different day, different picture, no big deal. Swizz looks annoyed with the paps, I actually think this type of publicity is new for him, he was well known in certain circles but the paparazzi wasn’t exactly chasing him down. Alicia looks like a normal healthy pregnant woman.

  10. What celeb hasn’t given the paps a mean mug every now and then? Anyway love her top and I like his Nike’s.

  11. It’s about time for the real Swizz Beatz to stand up. I dont wish bad for anybody, but you have to be smart these days. Actions speaks louder than words, I dont care what he said in recent interviews, you can clearly see he was pulling away from her, and she was trying to hold on and talk him out of making a scene in front of the cameras. Hint Hint, any other time, wouldnt they be holding hands through out the whole walk, but… when reality sets in… its a motha! Just saying…I will be hoping for the best.! We all have bad days, I wanted to slap a fool, just a minute ago!

  12. I just have to laugh at these comments, the real article that went with these pictures said that they were just coming from a romantic dinner and how in love they seemed, but of course that is overlooked and pictures that are taken in moton by a bunch of annoying paps is the window to their whole future!! SMDH unbelievable and I notice that it is the same people from every AK post with the same cynical comments. We get it you don’t like them, nothing that they do will be ok with you, so lucky for them they don’t live for you folks.

  13. Um Chris why don’t you go ask the publications why Alicia and Swizz are the money shots. They live in NY they go out, they went to a concert there were pictures, they went to dinner there were pictures the paps follow them everywhere, darn they went out on the darn mediteranian to get the money shots. If you are seieing too much of them ask all these publications why.

  14. Sheila, Nia, seriously…there’s nothing wrong with people coming on here and speculating about the lives of CELEBRITIES. That’s what people who read media and gossip blogs DO.
    Including both of you. You don’t like what me and Cole and a couple of others are saying about SB & AK, well, that’s too bad. Stop hatin’ on people who say what they want just because y’all don’t like it, last time I checked mrsgrapevine didn’t have police lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on folks who dare speculate on the nature of relationships. Who hired yall? It’s a public site with public info, & it’s posted for comments, positive, negative, inquiring, neutral, whatever.
    Sit down.

  15. Hi again, Sheila & Nia, a hint of advice: make sure to NOT visit http://www.lipstickalley.com because if you think a few people in here “don’t like” AK/SB, &/or are going overboard on their commentary about their lives, etc. this is NOTHING compared to that site. haha There’s all kinds of speculation, rumors, hushed truths, etc…you’re bound to have an aneurysm fussing and whining about what the posters in are saying …lol SMH
    yall crack me up …wowwwww

  16. Jamie, Cole made an observation about them all of a sudden being in the media. I made an observation as to who the question should be directed too. I can say what I want the same that you can. Why is that so upsetting for you? Cole did not seem to be offended by what I said

  17. I meant to say Chris not Cole my bad.

  18. I meant to say Chris not Cole my bad. I did not even refer to cole and anything that he said because I know from poast posts that he is one of the usual suspects, so it does not make sense to even address those comments.

  19. Well i tell u what…alicia is holding her head damn high ok…she betta wrk on self once she drop that load..cause he in love now..but he look like he can be real critical mf when he wanna be…she need to do sum yoga..to elongate and tone her legs/arms/torso..they hv yoga for preggo women…she shud try it..cause she in her 2nd trimester..she gotta min to go..and a few more pds to gain!

    • @supanova, Exactly

  20. I used 2 love alicia ..but after wat shes done i cnt do nutin but smh…shes another lauren london lol she has soo much goin for herself why sell ur sel short for a man with 20 kids & 25 babymamas???she should really be ashamed of herself….hope she take care of home cuz if she dnt sum1 else will steal him away from her like she did mashonda…then shes gonna be out the window in the pile of babymamas with the rest..smh lol

  21. You people must have anything to do but worry about someone’s else’s business. Get a life and leave these two people alone. This includes Mashonda no one even no’s this lady and everything she puts on the internet everyone takes it as gospel and Alicia and Swizz do not owe explanation to anyone. Everyone needs to mind their own business.



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