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Photos: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Happy Couple On Helicopter

Despite Mashonda recently opening up to Sister 2 Sister and throwing a wrench in the “blissful” union of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, Keys and Beatz seem to be brushing it off their shoulders.  Check out photos of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz getting off a helicopter yesterday in NYC. They’re both all smiles and love from the look of these pictures (opposite of what they were looking like the other day.)

Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Get Off Helicopter Photos: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Happy Couple On Helicopter

[Photo Credits: Rap-Up.com]

Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Get Off Helicopter3 199x300 Photos: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Happy Couple On Helicopter Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Get Off Helicopter2 199x300 Photos: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Happy Couple On Helicopter

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  1. hmmm. cute. smiles everywhere. if only it was truly authentic.

  2. ^^ Folks stay hatin’, I see. How is it not authentic, are you in their minds? Always by their side? On the phone with them? I doubt it.
    Beautiful couple out enjoying the holiday on a beautiful weekend! Loving yellow on Alicia’s skin. :)

  3. Alicia whispering to Swizz, you better not mess up this photo op like last time. Ni66a smile!

    • @Let’s Be Honest, lol…..

      • @janetfromNC, Dont you notice everytime Mashonda goes public, Alicia and Swizz goes out and make public appearances, hhhmmm I wonder why, if they are so in love, why go back n forth with Mashonda, if you have nothing to prove, or if your union was real love, why try to put a lid on Mashonda everytime she speaks, by making public appearances hand and hand, why cant people see the fakery!

      • @Cole, you can’t foretell or control when the paps are going to photo you and the blogs put up those photos. If they had to go somewhere then they had to go somewhere. What if she had a Dr’s appointment, should she not go and risk being photo’d just because Mashonda recently said something in the media?

  4. She is stunning pregnant, this is why I tell people while you are back and forth arguing about their life, they are living life and enjoying themselves. Mashonda needs to move on she is missing out on life with this self pity party.

  5. You people are so pitiful these two are always back and forth on twitter when they are not together, you can tell that they are in love, when you are taking pictures in motion you are liable to get anything, it all depends on which ones the publication or blog post. You people hate to see people happy because your lives are so miserable. I notice that it is the usual suspects that have nothing nice to say.

  6. Kim, chill, lol people are gonna talk, say what they wanna say. If it looks non-kosher to them, people gonna say it looks that way to them. Why they gotta be unhappy because they say things don’t look as they are or seem? They got that right. Since you have such a problem with people who don’t conform to the oh-they-look-SO-much-in-love all the time folk, you must be the sad one.

  7. There are people without sight, limbs, hearing but live full lifes. Many continue to enjoy swimming, tennis, and running. They are positive and don`t let anything get in the way of their goals and dreams.

    While there are people with all five senses are always negative. They are unable or refuse to see two people in love, enjoying a day together. They are living…We are on the outside trying to intrude on their lives.

  8. ^^^what would be so negative about what some people are saying is real, that she is attracted to the same sex, that this relationship is embellished by the media? I have read countless biographies and behind the music/stage type autobiographies, even, which discuss the back door deals industry exec types make for their stars who lead an alternative sexual lifestyle. Even those who aren’t gay or bi have been set up by publicity to “appear” together at events for films, dinner or party engagements, etc. Many have been “married” off for short-term publicity. My point being that this kind of setup, many people all over gossip blogs are claiming/suggesting to be the case with these two while not seeming realistic to some, is in actuality not exactly out of the ordinary, as history shows.

    I, for one, don’t believe it, I think she’s been plagued by sexuality rumors due to her way of dressing/style during her youth. But really, most educated people who do like to indulge in gossip a time or two know and realize that you can’t believe everything you see or hear from the industry machines.
    If the rumors are indeed true, then it saddens me that Alicia cant be honest and not have to abide by ‘obligations’, it’s sad, really that she’s going thru all this. She should try to courageous and stand up for herself.
    On the other hand if it’s false, then all the naysayers will have to face the music and eat humble pie and chalk all of their claims/hunches to fantasy.
    This kind of constant back and forth is exactly why I would never personally desire to become famous, it happens with everybody, no matter the kind of rumor.

  9. God forbid that these two are just living their lives and could give two sh*ts about Mashonda and her psycho rants. I love the fact that they keep going and staying on their grind, while everyone just wonder and make assumptions. I bet they get a good laugh at the end of each day. I certainly would.

  10. @janetfromNC_yeah I’m sure they set their schedule around Mashonda’s psychotic outburtsts. SMDH!!!

  11. Hate it or Love it their living their lives!

  12. This never gets old…

    • @Ms.Observant, Not anytime soon homie! Havent you notice Mashonda has been getting mainstream media attention, its about to get ugly!!!

      • @Cole, I have noticed that as well, I saw 2-3 sentences in USA Today LOL! I wonder since urban media has been screaming for this to go mainstream, if it should and mainstream media portrays them as stereotypes like crazy, angry black women will urban media then be upset? Black people have always complained that mainstream media does not portray them correctly, I doubt they will get this right. Sometimes it is best to keep it moving…..

      • @TooMuch, That’s why they are trying soo hard to fool you, because they know when it goes mainstream they will in deed make a mess of this story, dont let them get a hold of the Jahna Sebastian part, plus mainstream media, gots the power to pull all kinds of women out the wood-works that he has slept with, to really make Swizz look bad.

  13. NOT a hater of them but I am a marketing & advertising business. These photos are specifically for the media. I know this because the airport that AK and Kasseem landed at is a heliport, it’s cordoned off to the press, unless otherwise requested by the people deplaning. The only time camera men are allowed at the gates of a private jet is when the celebrities give them permission. In this case, it’s evident that the two DID give the ok for cameras to be there snapping them leave the heli to their ride. They probably were called well before they even landed in order to stake out and get ready for them, in all likelihood. So the people on here who said it wasn’t natural or authentic are correct, this photo op IS staged, in that it was planned beforehand for the paps to be there…The body language of them I refuse to comment on, since I don’t definitely know whether or not that’s a front in itself.

    • @Eve, I understand your point but in this age of technology where you can be in the middle of the ocean and the paps be on land and they still get a pic, I think it could be either way. Also I think employees of places talk as well when they know a celebrity will be coming around. Again the tip off could go either way.

    • @Eve, Please give more understanding on how these celebrities fake before cameras, they did this because Mashonda has gone mainstream media!!!! Thanks for explaining the set-up

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