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Photo: OMG! Halle Berry Gets Caught Kissing French Actor— Off Screen!

I guess the best question is “Where in the world is Gabriel Aubry?” I thought Gabriel Aubry was with Halle Berry while she was filming her new movie. I suppose we can put the rumors about Halle and Gabriel rekindling their love to rest.

Click “Continue Reading” to check out the photo of Halle Berry and her co-star for her new movie, French actor Olivier Martinez kissing off screen.

Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Split Picture Photo: OMG! Halle Berry Gets Caught Kissing French Actor    Off Screen!According to People.com, Halle and Olivier were seen smooching, eating dinner at a cozy restaurant and riding on Olivier’s motorcycle. For more juicy details, click here.

Halle Berry Kisses Olivier Martinez Photo: OMG! Halle Berry Gets Caught Kissing French Actor    Off Screen!

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  1. wow halle like the white men dont she?

    • @let go let god,

      I guess all the others did her so wrong.

  2. So over her. She’s black when she wants our Black dollars in her movies and magazines. Sick of how Black men did her wrong. SO! Like white boys don’t cheat! Kick her out the race!

    • @Dee,

      She’s bi-racial, so what’s the problem with her dating white men. We all know she has dated plenty of black men of every shade, so why not allow her to move on. This may just be a rebound fling. She jumps in and out of relationships like she’s changing shoes.

  3. Two single people dating…..don’t see anything wrong with that!

    • @LaTanya,
      Wait! Isn’t that the guy from the movie Unfaithful…..ok Halle I see u I ain’t mad! LOL

  4. yeah she’s a ho, AND
    yeah she NEVER liked black men. SHE ONLY USED them to get her career started. Once her career took off she used the money black men help her get to BUY A WHITE MAN AND HIS WHITE CHILD.

    she claimed that eric benet was a sex addict but i believe the REAL sex addict is her. Her marriages failed as soon as the initial hot sex wore off.

  5. Why all this hatin’ on Halle? Yeah, she’s a flawed person, but I am not going to hate on her for dating white men. I am so beyond that.

    @LaTanya. LOL yeah, he was HOT in Unfaithful. I ain’t mad. LOL!

    @MrsGrapevine. I agree. Probably a rebound fling.

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