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OMG! Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson (In Biker Shorts) Remake Bobby Brown Video

So a friend of mine posted this video on Facebook from Funny or Die, and curious me wanted to check it out. My side hurt so bad from laughing at Mike Tyson, yes Mike Tyson in some old school biker shorts with suspenders, dancing in a remake with Wayne Brady to Bobby Brown’s Every Little Step I Take. Bobby Brown of course makes a guest appearance. I love me some King of R&B! If you don’t laugh…you don’t have a sense of humor…

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  1. that was cute. gotta love old school bobby brown.

  2. This was TOO FUNNY!!!! Happy when ppl can laugh at themselves…Luved how Mike couldn’t get “The Running Man” down…

  3. Riiiiight! oh! my goodness that was too funny.

  4. I love this video. My friend is a huge Bobby Brown fan and she can’t stop watching it.

  5. So much for boxers having great footwork, huh? I heard my wife choking with laughter last night in the office. I peek around the corner to see what’s got her going, and it’s this video she’s watching. Wayne Brady is a funny dude.

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