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Nicki Minaj Looks Cute With Blonde Hair

Nicki Minaj’s hair has been blue, pink, purple…any Skittle color..she has had them all.  Check out these photos of Nicki Minaj as a blonde (again) in this month’s issue of Paper Magazine.  I think it suits her. What do you think?

Nicki Minaj With Blonde Hair In Paper Magazine Nicki Minaj Looks Cute With Blonde Hair

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  1. For this particular photo shoot..yes..esp the side profile one in all white…but why is she twisting her face up like that agin?

  2. Sorry. I couldn’t take my eyes off her lips.

  3. HER LIPS ARE A TRANSLATION FOR – “C’MON SON, GET DA F*CK OUTTA HERE!”. My gurl Nicki always keep it pushing on her grind! I love that bo$$ chick…i know she has haters, but im one of her fans.

  4. I disagree?…

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