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New Birth Members Are Going To Stand By Their Man: Bishop Eddie Ling

Bishop Eddie Long responded to the allegations from the sexual coercing lawsuit, and plans on fighting the charges. As he used a David and Goliath analogy, the members of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church roared with cheers and a standing ovation in support of their spiritual leader. NBMBC members are walking firmly with their pastor through his tough times. Check out this video of Bishop Eddie Long’s first public appearance since the news of the lawsuit broke, and check out the number of members who got his back:

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  1. Those memebers of New Birth are hiding from the truth…..The bible says God is the truth and the light….ANYTHING DONE IN THE DARK, ALWAYS COMES TO THE LIGHT. AND THE TRUTH HURTS! I dont see how 4 boys would come out with such descriptive acts by Eddie Long, if they are FALSE.???…I dont think they are lieing!

    • @janetfromNC,

      I don’t know what to believe. I know what I feel, and it just doesn’t feel right.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        Meaning, Bishop Eddie Long just doesn’t give me good vibes.

  2. It’s called Pastor Worship! There is something in the water not right. Why would a man send those type of seductive pictures to another man?

    • @Renee,

      That’s what I want to know.

  3. MEGA CHURCH IS NOTHING BUT A CULT! It amazes me that people can be so blind and stupid, Bishop NEVER ONCE denied anything in his speech the only thing he did was repeat what his lawyer already stated. I didn’t hear him one time say. “Their lying!” ‘I’ve never been sexual with a man!’ “Nothing happened!” Where was his anger? Where was his denial? He’s clearly guilty of something and his 30,000 sheep will follow him right off the edge of the cliff.

    I can’t wait until they get some hard core evidence on him, something that he can’t lie his way out of. I heard on the Rickey Smiley show this morning that more victims are coming forward this week.

    • @STEFANY, I agree 1,000%!! not once did he deny the allegations. if someone falsely accused me of sexual coercion and i was in danger of losing my job and good reputation, i would be mad as hell and proclaiming my innocence every chance i got!
      something just doesnt seem right…

  4. I feel some kinda way as well..but he said from the advice of his lawyers..this is what he should say until he has his day in court…which is smart..because if he did do it..by not denyin/proclaimin innocence..he can prolong the outcome…his lawyers are the ones needed to defend him…and prove him innocent!

    • @supanova,

      I think Bishop is playing it safe, he doesn’t want to say too much because he doesn’t know what’s yet to come out from his accusers. And even with the advice of his lawyers he can still plead his innocence to the public, it won’t hurt his case to scream “I’m innocent I didn’t touch these boys.”

    • @supanova,

      I just don’t know what to think, and now there’s a 4th victim.

  5. ALSO, How is he David? He has 33,000+ members and access to the media.

    • @MrsGrapevine 2,


    • @MrsGrapevine 2,

      If he would have came foward and said “I’m innocent” right away like a normal innocent person being accused of a sick, horrible crime would have done the media wouldn’t have been sweating him so hard. You’re in the fight of your life, everything you hold dear is on the line and you wait until almost entire week to speak and say absolutely nothing of any sustance on top of that.

    • @MrsGrapevine 2,

      from the comment section of CNN article about this: “He feels like David versus Goliath? …or does he feel like Goliath after just getting hit in the forehead with a rock?”

      LOL. on point.

      • @PONYears,

        Exactly! Bishop Long has the right analogy, just the wrong pairing!

  6. Yeah, he did it. I don’t doubt it at all. He makes me uneasy and slightly nauseous. Deceitful.

    I know from others’ accounts that there are AA pastors that seek young men. These allegations are completely plausible.

    • @PONYears,

      first hand knowledge. No he said she said. It is sickening but a BIG problem in some AA churches.

      • @PONYears,

        That’s just sad, and it makes it hard on those that are vulnerable to this mess.

  7. Yes @msgrapvine 2 / stephany you both have a point…but lets say he is guilty..he will be demonized by the AA community if he say you know what Im innocent…and we belive him..and then..evidence/witness prove him a lie…the man would probably have to move outta the US just to walk down the street…no he is prolonging the inevitable…

    • @supanova,

      If he’s guilty, then he needs to quit and humble himself. He do not need to be playing games with the Lord. He can play games with the law.

  8. Lolol….yeah I thought so too…but this is his job..we talkn about..he dont wanna stepdown…somebody else will be sittin in the paster seat! lol He is tryin hard to maintain his flocks faith..and membership…hence no step down!…but I admit..I thought he was gonna step down too..but he dont want to be forgotten..which he wont..but be remebered for somethin more sinister!

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