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Lady Gaga Is Out of Control: Wears Raw Meat As Outfit

This is way too much of someone needing attention. Check out this photo of Lady Gaga on the cover of JapaneseVogue Magazine wearing what seems to be a raw meat bikini. SMH

Lady Gaga Wears Raw Meat On Cover of Japanese Vogue Magazine Lady Gaga Is Out of Control: Wears Raw Meat As Outfit

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  1. There’s a starving child somewhere wishing they could have a decent meal while she’s wearing one.

    • @Arrielle,

      I would put that suit on the grill when she’s finished.lol

  2. She is a bit much….although she clearley pulls it off, i just hope there is a message

    • @janetfromNC,

      I think there is definitely a message. I’m hungry! lol

  3. wow this is….cute and disgusting at the same time.

    • @let go let god,

      There is something oddly cute about it, either that or I’m really hungry. I love me some steak.

  4. I think it’s deeper than just raw meat. She’s on the cover like a piece of meat.


  6. Lol. I love the meat dress. I kinda prefer this version to the one she wore @ her Video Of The Year acceptance speech. Her Armani Prive and McQueen were absolutely fabulous.

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