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Jamal Parris To Bishop Eddie Long “You’re Not A Man; You’re A Monster”

As yet another victim comes forward in the lawsuit against Bishop Eddie Long, Jamal Parris (one of the original victims) speaks to Dale Russell of Fox 5 in Atlanta about the allegations of sexual coercion. I’m sorry, but for a “liar” he sounds very confident and matter fact. I just don’t know what to believe, but something is not right coercion or no coercion.

Whereas Bishop Eddie Long has chosen to not deny the allegations out right (but categorically), Jamal Parris is steadfast in his claims that Bishop Eddie Long was a sexual predator.

Why you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically deny it. You can’t say that to our face. And you know this. You are not a man, you are a monster.

If you can’t watch the video, read what Jamal Parris had to say on the next page…

I loved him, I’m always going to have love for the things that he taught me. But how he left us hurt worse than anything I ever felt in my life.

You finally have a father that you’ve always wanted for and always dreamed of. He would just walk away from you if you don’t give him what he wants. So you end up turning into something you never thought you would be, which is now a slave to a man that you love.

So, while the media and the rest of the people around the city, around the country look at us like how could grown men let another man touch him, what you have to understand is this man has manipulated us since childhood. This was our father and we loved him.

This man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us. That’s not a father, that’s a predator.

We would have to be the craziest kids in the world to want to come out and admit to another man touching on us publicly. To really believe this is about money would be absolutely ludicrous.

I cannot get the sound of his voice out of my head. I cannot forget the smell of his cologne.  And I cannot forget the way that he made me cry many nights when I drove in his car on the way home, not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off of my body.

But that man can not look me in my eye and tell me we did not live this pain. Why you can sit in front of the church and tell them that you categorically deny it. You can’t say that to our face. And you know this. You are not a man, you are a monster.

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  1. LORD HAVE MERCY!!! What is really goin on here? He is scorned..this is what Im gettn..he feels betrayed..now he wants Long to feel the same way..guess what Jamal..two wrongs dont make it rite! You cuda went to his wife or made a statment at church..why did you feel the need to out this man publicly to the media .just because he didnt wanna have nuthin to do wit you…but you “love” him? Im not sayin the situation is rite..but he sounds like a scorned teenage girl! Come on Jamal…you guys cuda banded together to get him kicked off the pulpit some other way!

    • @supanova, I agree!This is a sad situation if you knew it was wrong why wait until you get with others that said the same thing happened to them before filing a law suit. LORD what is the world coming to? IDK what is going on but I will pray for all parties involved…SMH BTW Sweety not only do a good daddy not leave his kids he DON’T have sex with them either. So what is he saying if he wouldn’t have abandoned him everything would still be all good. I’m sorry I have to give him a *side eye*

    • @supanova, Alot of times people wait to come forward for various reasons i.e. fear, shame, confusion,embarrassment. God will always bring things hidden in darkness to light. If Bishop Long is a Predator, maybe exposing him will get him the healing and deliverance he needs. His wife, family, and congregation don’t even believe he did this. They probably would have shunned the accusers had this been exposed privately. Pride comes before the fall. It happens too much in the black church and they want to continue sweeping it under the rug. Who in the black church will even dare to discuss James Cleveland, The Aids, molestation and his double life? Yet the James Cleveland Gospel Music Workshop is a huge event every summer.

      • @Renee,

        I think I was related to James Cleveland, distant cousin obviously.

        I agree, molestation is hard, especially when it’s male on male, and especially when the predator is adored. I don’t know if Jamal’s reasons for going after BEL was just, but if the allegations hold any truth, it really doesn’t matter because BEL would be wrong regardless.

  2. Just reading a few of those excerpts gave me chills! At this point I’m really not sure WHO to believe. However, I’m not sure if his interview was scripted (meaning his lawyer gave him key points to put out there), but I noticed @ 1 point he said “kids” (although he’d been referring to them as young men earlier) as if he was stuck in a child’s mentality (common in victims of sexual abuse). And when he was talking about how he remembered his smell & couldn’t wash it away (that SCREAMS rape). He does come across as a scorned lover though. Like when Long left, he left him bitter. Idk this is so MESSY & it casts a horrible shadow on other men of the Lord.

  3. @kelly and vicious vixen…..I agree with you both..somethin in the milk aint clean..for real…Jamal wants the world to belive that he didnt know that a man touchin on him.makin him call him daddy.and tellin him..he is a spiritual son and then havin sex with him wasnt wrong? A child knows rite from wrong..even if they werent taught..because what he is saying really is that most of the encounters bordered on rape.because he didnt want to have sex..but Long would force him to in order to maintain loyalty? Im confused. Theres a piece to this puzzle thats missing here..and since Jamal opened the door..now EVERYTHING gonna come flying out! I suggest Jamal cling to his family..cause he gonna need them..and speaking of family..where is Jamals mother?

  4. Everybody calling this man a “Scorned Lover” he’s a victim of sexual abuse! He was raped and abused as teenager by an autority figure. They had every right to to call Eddie sick ass out in the media because Bishop is a child molester and a pediphile, he’s raping young men in church he’s breaking the law, and misleading 30,000 blind sheep who are following him. I don’t question any of these men Motives for coming out and regardless as to why they came out Bishop needed to be outed and stopped.

    • @STEFANY,

      Why do I hear Antoine Dodson when I read your words. “Hide your sons, hide your daughters, hide your husbands…cause they raping everyone”

      I don’t think the motives matter, if a spiritual leader is doing these things. Not to mention it’s also adultery.

    • @STEFANY, I agree with you stefany! Wrong is wrong and right is right! Expose his nasty behind….

  5. Let me be clear..BOTH parties are wron..Eddie Long for putting himself in this predictament AND the accusers! JAMAL said that he felt some kinda way because he was dropped like an ole sack of potatoes for a younger boy..so by theis time..is Jamal still a victim? Because like Shelly mentioned he seemed like this was something he would have continued with if he hadnt been ignored by the Bishop…BTW.. the bishop preached constantly about the perils of homosexuality for many years..of which time these young boys where sittin in the congegation listenin..or were they? So tho they may have been gay..before/afta he turned them out..THEY still knew the WORD! so Im supposed to belive that they were brainwashed to the

    • @supanova,

      It’s like a drug, you get addicted to feeling important and being highly favored, and he would do anything to stay in BEL’s grace.

      Not all people can be manipulated and predators, seek out those most vulnerable. Low self-esteem and absentee parents.

      I think the boys knew it was wrong, and rather or not it was consensual doesn’t matter. No Christian pastor should be having homosexual sex, while preaching against homosexuality, and while married. No preacher should use church funds to carry on such relationships. No person in a position of power should sleep with a person they lead, thus the reason sexual harassment cases are won. No spiritual advisers should be sleeping with their sheep.

    • @supanova, as a victim of this kind of things,it’s hard for me to read some of the comments…when you are sexually abused and rape,the first thing that comes to your mind is that you deserve it,it’s your fault,you are scared,because one of the first thing that those abusers tell you is that no one will ever believe you and they’ll hurt you if you say a word,for a vulnerable teen,it works everytime,you are ashamed,and can’t stop it,so you accept it,after some times,you get used to itand even fancy yourself in love with that person,because the person always let you feel like they are the only ones who care about you and at that point,it’s already too late to get out….
      i did get out because my mom caught the man who did it to me,and it’s always someone close to the family and loved,it took me years to really realize that it was rape and sexual abuse and that it wasn’t my fault,worse than that,what i though was love,was actually fear,and my low self esteem playing tricks on me…what that pastor did was wrong,he took advantage of kids who were vulnerable and needed attention and love…he should be exposed.

  6. Conti~ to have a double mind? the REAL question here is why so many single mothers run to church to glorify a man..just cause they dont have one at home?

    • @supanova,

      I don’t think they were running to glorify anyone. I think they were single women trying to raise men, and wanted the help of God. In this world, sometimes you need a higher power.

      I don’t think their intent was to worship BEL, I think his charm drew them in, like all the other members at that church. That’s why it’s important to read the Word and know it for yourself.

  7. Mrs grapevine I really feel some kinda way about this subject..hence all my posts lol! But I just am more upset with the boys mothers..who Im sure are gonna say they didnt know..but I thought God gives you a disecerning spirit? You mean to tell me NAN NONE of these mothers recieved a word from the LORD? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    • @supanova, I feel the same way, this is a very sad story. I have the same question where is the mothers? I really would like to hear her thoughts on this matter and the reason she gives for not knowing something was bothering her son. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that the Bishop did or did not do this all i’m saying is the story has a lot of holes in it. Once again I pray for all parties involved and their families.

      • @Shelly,

        Many kids are molested right under the mother’s nose, and not all women have the gift of discernment. Bishop Eddie Longs has a 33,000 following, obviously he’s charming and charismatic. I’m sure if the allegations are true, these women were happy that their sons had a father figure. Since the subject was God and not gangs, many probably felt it was justified.

        I don’t know that he’s guilty of anything, but if he is, is easy for a man that you look up to, to manipulate your mind. Coaches, teachers, and counselors do it all the time. It’s not that the kids don’t know it’s wrong, they just feel trapped and manipulated. People will do anything to hold on to what the believe is love, even if it’s abusive at times. The same reason battered women return to the men, that can possible kill them.

    • @supanova,

      The mothers probably thought something was wrong in the amount of time, but probably justified it because the time was spent with the church and not with the crooks.

      Little did they know, they might be one in the same.

  8. After watching this video there is no way Eddie (i have stripped that mofo from his title) can say he didnt do this. Numbers dont lie!!! Four people??? Come on now!

    xoxo.. grupieluv.com

    • @Montanna,

      Did you rebuke his title? SMH but LOL!

  9. Ok montanna..”women lie..men lie numbers dont” I hear you…lol..mrs grapevine 2 I just want answers..you know..I wanna hear the boys mothers come out for their sons..let the public know they werent down wit it..had know idea..and are there for their sons..nobody should have to go thru this alone! Im more upset wit so called born again beleivers saying for us not to judge..but have no problem judgin someone in a lesser stature…as if it matters..gossip is gossip..whether you talkn bout the pastor..or you talkn bout sista so n so!

  10. This is so tragic. Lawlessness will increase in the last days, the love of many will wax cold.

    Whatever is done in darkness will be exposed by the light.

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