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Celebrity Couples: Janet Jackson and Billionaire Boyfriend Going Strong; Selita Denies Dating Ex Kanye

Janet jackson and her billionaire boyfriend, Wassim al Mana, were spotted in New York yesterday. Wassim is 35 years old, a decade younger than Janet. But Janet said earlier this year that there’s nothing wrong with dating a younger man. I agree. Find love where you can get it. 

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana Celebrity Couples: Janet Jackson and Billionaire Boyfriend Going Strong; Selita Denies Dating Ex Kanye

In other news, Selita Ebanks denies that Kanye West and her have rekindled their previous dating relationship (Selita and Kanye dated back in 2008). They were photographed together at the U.S. Open looking extra close last month. She says:

No, no, no… I’m just happy that he’s a great friend. I love his creativity. I love that he thinks outside the box. He’s just himself. Not only am I a fan, I support him 100 per cent.

There you have it. Rumor control.

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  1. Janet is always going outside the box and I love her grown woman confidence. Now his face looks a little thin in this pic but that could be the angle. Either way I wish all the happiness to Janet she deserves it.

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  4. so he’s a lot younger and he’s a billionaire??? LOL LOL same thing terry mcmillan said right up until the tawdry end. every 3rd world con artist tells that lie, to keep you off their trail. afterall if you BELIEVE they have money, you will have no need to protect your money from them.

    and she looks like a fool with that 18 year old girl outfit.

    negroes in entertainment who dont think their own people are good enough to date, should not ask us to support their damn music and movies. i’m boycotting it. black america is going down because these black fools pass all the wealth to whites as soon as they earn it. arabs hate americans period. and they are rascist period. he wants something, LIKE HER MONEY. she already has taken care of her ex-mexican husband, his new WHITE WIFE, and his whole mexican family for life. all these black fools in entertainment want to do is take money from their own people to use it to take care of others. she and ignorant jermaine and all the rest of them jackson fools, who are doing nothing to get michael justice can go to hell. she probably gone end up just like michael fooling with people she knows nothing about, and who r not christians.

  5. they think when they give a few dollars to a white operated charity just to get tax breaks, that’s all they need to do.

    creating good jobs is why they were given the money. whites tried hard to help this black community by making all these black millionaires/billionaires but i dont believe they created 1000 jobs with all that money, while sam walmart is the largest employer in america and he started with pennies.

    blacks used to work for pennies on the chitlin circuit, and they’re going back to the chitlin circuit because whites r fed up with helping people who won’t help their own.


  7. Sheesh Diane… Racist much??? Anywho… Janet is looking great for her age! Her boyfriend however is looking a little ill around his extra gaunt face… O_o

  8. we’ll see who is rascist IF he marries her. he’ll ONLY do that to get money and she’ll end up like lisaraye. not rascist. just a fact. muslims dont like christians, and arabs dont like christian americans. they despise us. THAT’S A FACT.

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