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Best Fashion Duo: Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith Do Fashion Week in Milan

It must be a good feeling to hang out with your mom at front row seats at an Emporio Armani Fashion ShowWillow Smith hung out with mom Jada Pinkett Smith at the Emporio Armani Fashion Show in Milan this weekend.  The pair looked fashionable as usual.  But what was not so fashionable was Jada the day before at the Emilio Pucci Show. I was definitely not feeling the burgundy-ish leather suit. What do you think?

Jada Pinkett Smith and Daughter Willow Smith At Emorio Armani Fashion Show in Milan3 Best Fashion Duo: Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith Do Fashion Week in Milan

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  1. I think Willow looks to grown for a 9 year old and that she will be paying for it later. Her little song is cute but it also gives the impression as if she is grown enough to know what she is talking about. Also as I see the word haterz is being use on ever level because a 9 year old doe not have the authority to tell others that they are hating because you are at the age where do can not take your own decisions but time will tell. To me not even her older brother Jaden seems this grown in theory. Looks how she looks in the first picture in her face she looks about 15 but in her body she looks her age.

    • @resurrected, I agree. Isn’t it time to be in school or something? Even if she’s homeschooled, it seems she spends a lot of time with grown-ups and not enough time with children her own age. If that is true, I see problems insofar as relating to children in her own age bracket.

      • @hair_deeva,

        She’s taking Fashion Couture 101

  2. wow willow is her dads twin. she is too cute. willow will be towering over jada real soon.

  3. All I can do is whip my hair back and forth in excitement when I see this family in action. Hey, “I Am Legend” was on last night. Is that Willow in the movie? IMDB, here I come.

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