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Alicia Keys Changes Due Date To October; Talks Sex Of The Baby With Press

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz were spotted at the the annual awards dinner for the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, founded in 1965 to promote world peace. According to Black Celebrity Kids, Alicia Keys was very friendly with the press answering a few questions about the baby and making a few jokes about her maternity size.

Alicia Keys Swizz Beatz Annual Charity Awards Alicia Keys Changes Due Date To October; Talks Sex Of The Baby With Press

Alicia, who donned a traditional Indian tikka headpiece and a Catherine Malandrino gown to the affair, said of her outfit, “OK, it’s stretchy,  but I’m not embarrassed to brag that this is a sample size.”

Alicia also spoke about the baby she is expecting in October (first reported as November): “We’re going to find out [the sex] the day of.  We’re going to do this in a birthing center,” she said.

I guess she further along than she remembered! Hopefully it will be a girl, huh?

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  1. Alicia is looking good, she carries pregnancy so well, so many women aren’t that lucky. My sister in law looked a mess during her pregnancy, I felt so bad for her.

    • @tutu,

      I was not that lucky, I turned into a troll both pregnancies.

  2. aww, Alicia looks too cute pregnant.I hope she has a girl.

    • @niyah,

      A girl would be nice

  3. Yep hope she has a girl, then Swizz will have 2 of each lol!! couldn’t resist that one, they have grown on me. Anyway she does look healthy and if the baby is due in October, she will be cutting it close with her BlackBall on the 30th of this month, but I am sure she is prepared for anything that may happen and its not like the guests will mind if she has to go. It is nice they came dressed in honor of the event, Alicia loves headpieces and Swizz’s turban isn’t bad. Looks like she is enjoying dressing up while pregnant.

    • @koko,

      LOL, I know it’s hard to resist those jokes.

  4. Oh I forgot LOL at “sample size” and “stretchy”. So this must be the size dresses are really made in then they cut them down to a size 0. I wonder what size is sample because she isn’t looking that big.

    • @koko,

      This picture is from the waist up. I want to see how it fits the hips.

  5. I don’t care…

  6. Looking at them irritates me

    • @Ms. Observant,

      Can I get an awwwww? What about ooooooh for the cute couple?


      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        Mrs.Grapevine your so nice.

        They’re just not cute and never will be. It’s a spiritual matter not physical..well that too lol. Let’s be honest

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        LOL I like that “NOPE”

    • @Ms. Observant, I second that!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DONT SEEM REAL TO ME……YUCK!

      • @janetfromNC,

        Yeah they fake. Temporary pleasure, counterfeit love

  7. Sample size in what? Maternity wear? Because there’s no way a size 2 is stretching that much. *side eye* And is it just me, or is she just one of the most narcissistic and pretentious celebrities out there? *ugh!* I’m also jumping on Ms. Observant’s bandwagon of how irritating they are just to look at.

    • @viciousvixen, Loving the fact that she irritates the hell out of you and Ms. Observant, you are going to be one irritated hater for a long time. Anyway, with the negative out of the way. Alicia looks great as usual, she is carrying her little bundle very well, keep doing you lady, continue to give and support thse who are less fortunate. It’s easy for those sitting on the sidelines to make nasty comments, instead of going out and doing something worthwile with themselves. Be blessed.


      • @janetfromNC, how do you know what she is thinking? I mean really? that is your assumption; and based on what? a picture and what you read? do you know what is in her head? or what her conversation is with God. Everything that you are saying is based on an assumption. I just choose not to assume, so if you make assumption about others that you know nothing about and it is in a negative light, it is hate, because if you don’t have anything substantial to say, why say anything at all? Like I said you all will be irritated for a long time to come, so you may as well let it go and move on.

  8. @viciousvixen,

    SMH! Sample plus size is more like it. But, hey if she wants to be a size 2 at this point let her. If she wants to pretend the baby was created after the divorce then let her. I’m so over it.

    • @MrsGrapevine 2,
      When did she say her baby was created after the divorce? I’ve never even heard anyone confirm how far along she is until now.

      • @tutu,

        No she did not say the baby was conceived before or after the divorce, she just denied engagement and other rumors until after the divorce was final. Two weeks after divorce she confirmed pregnancy and engagement. I was not implying that she actually thought the date was after the divorce, just the PR date.

        On GMA, on June 25th episode, she said she was right about 5 months. Which would put the due date at the end of November. If she’s now due in October that means she was nearly six months or more. That also means initial reports of her pregnancy were true.

        She has a leak in her camp, and she needs to cut that leak off.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, please she never ever said when her baby was due, it was always all speculation, so the title of this post is ridiculous as usual.

  9. My freedom of speech guarantees me the right to speak my opinion, and I don’t see how based on my opinion I’m classified a hater. Annoyance and dislike are a far cry from hatred @Michelle. to say that I “hate” Alicia Keys & Swiss would imply that at one point I had love for them. However, how could I love someone I don’t know? I can tell you that based upon their actions I don’t like them, bc those actions show a lack of great character on their part. Furthermore, despite not being wealthy, I do my part for those less fortunate than me (starting a charity for poor single families should qualify as not sitting on the sidelines, right?)

    • @viciousvixen,

      !!!!!!!!!! *snaps finger*

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, yeah right, like you said mis viciousvixen, your actions speak for you and based on your comments in reference to someone that you know nothing about. I find it hard to believe that you have a charitable bone in you, but then again that is just me assuming based on what you have written. Those assumptions are a vicious thing now aren’t they?

    • @viciousvixen,

      *Two SNAPS and a Twist!

      That’s right

  10. And @Mrs Grapevine 2… You’re absolutely right! She can get that @ this point… Lol!

  11. I h8te when celebs and their “friends” lurk on blog sites just to tell us we poor..jealous..broke..dumb…ugly..yadayadayada…LMAO at how pathetic it is to downgrade a poster just because they dont post glowin remarks about these 2..not everybody is over the moon for these two..if celebs dont wanna get talked about dont come to work..ok? Cause people talk about me all the tyme..and you know what I.. DEAL… wit it..why cant they? I mean I da#n sure aint losin out on my steady paycheck cause a few bishes dont like me! Da#n this celebs are soooo sensitive….oh and so are their “friends”!

    • @supanova,

      Say it again!

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, You are just as ignorant as the rest of these idiots. Who the hell has time to lurk on these ghetto a** blogs wondering what you pitiful people are saying about them, these people have businesses to run, lives to live, performances to give, charitable events to attend and I can go on and on, you would like to think that what you think matters to them, but I am here to tell you that it doesn’t, if and when they do have a little time to troll the web, they are falling over laughing at some of the ridiculous stuff that you people come up with, smdh, wish some of you would get a life, it is the same people all the time with the same ignorant comments based on their own imaginations. If it gets your through the day then carry on.


      • @Michelle,

        *Yawns* that may have worked in elementary, but the truth of the matter is I have people like you that come on this blog calling me names all the time. It’s your right because my comments are open. I don’t let it stop me from doing what it is I do.

        Secondly, your ignorance, I mean slip is showing. If you knew what a blog does, then you would know we work with celebs and their publicist to promote their projects, musics, TV shows, and movies to keep them busy.

        If calling me names on behalf of celebs get you through your day, then keep it coming. Besides every time you click a link that’s money in my pocket, so why would I care what you say as long as you’re contributing.


    • @supanova, and by the way so if you don’t dislike them and agree with your feelings on them, you are the celeb or one of their friends? so what does that make you and the rest of the haters? Mashonda’s friends?

      • @Michelle, You use the word Hater explain that to me. Why just because we don’t respect what they did we have to hate. We are Jesus Christ friend, girl who husband you trying to get? I guess his wife hating on you…Hahahaha Girl Bye! She slept and got pregnant by a married man, point blank period she know it is wrong and that’s why the lies come into place. The saying goes *what’s done in the dark, will come to light* She get’s no passes because she is a celeb. and I don’t respect her as a woman, yeah I said it!

  12. And back to this sample size crap..cause…afta watchin 1 too many seasons of Project Runway..the sample sizes are 0-1! So uhmmm licia its ok to gain weight while preggo k? But not too much..you know… but grl come on..please…and you da#n rite its stretch!lolol

  13. Hello Mrs.Grapevine, I will like to say this is my first time to your blog and i’m loving it. Now to AK and Swiss, wheww! First I read one of your old post and I see alot of people think Mashoda should not speak out! REALLY? Fact is before she is anything she is a human being and me being a married woman myself think she handled the situation gracefully. I know if I was put in the same situation you might see me on snapped, the whole world would have seen a woman scorned.She was there when he was a nobody,she accepted his mistake when he had the first child even though she had a miscarriage in the process and she found out about his affair 2 days before her son’s 1 YO Bday and the list goes on. This woman has the right to tell her story over and over again if she want’s to. It’s not the point that he moved on it’s the lack of repect while doing so. I feel if women would respect one another it wouldn’t be so easy for men to cheat. I know it’s 2 sides to the story and the only reason I heard him say was she was making him choose her or his son, hunny please come better than that she forgave you. Now on this topic, I applaud the work she is doing and she looks great but WHAT THE HELL, he looks like a damn fool!!LMAO Time will tell if he changed, but if I had to guess once she pop that baby out and start being in mommy mode he will be on to the next! The excitement of creeping will be over and reality will sink in. I love AK music but when she has her child she will see it don’t pay to make selfish choices for instance climbing her pregnant behind on the piano at the awards show. I was like is she doing that for him? Hmmmm I wish all parties involved the best and for the sake of the baby, I hope GOD bless there union!! Sorry Mrs.Grapevine i’m trying to catch up..LOL

    • @Shelly,

      Welcome Shelly, I feel the same as you and have voice it on all blogs because if it happens to you then you have a right to speak on it. If we all lived by the way of the world’s standard we would be some miserable human beings and many of us are chasing the wind. I am not sure why people always want the women to just take anything but we all have freedom of choice from the scorn wife too the tacky dishonorable mistress/ cheating spouse where you place yourself is your choice.

      • @resurrected, Thank you, you are 100% right. I don’t care what your profession is you is a human being first.

    • @Shelly,

      I don’t know what post you have been reading, but I don’t think most people here support Alicia Keys over Mashonda lol!

      You will fit right in…

      • @MrsGrapevine 2, LMAO!

    • @Shelly,

      BTW, Welcome.

    • @Shelly, im with you you on this one and i thought the same thing with her climbing on the piano, it was a force and she could not carry that prince tune…

  14. Jah ey. M also pregnant and m not too way fat or wat. M jst me.

  15. @MrsGrapevine 2, Thank you :)

  16. Alicia..oops.Im mean Michelle..get ur a$$ back to work honey cause Im not a h8ta..I said celebs are too sensitve everybody gets talked about..celebs need to deal wit it…and so do you hun..dont get fired now ya here!

  17. Moving forward..mrs grapevine 2 or somebody can u tell me how to respond bck to someone? I dont see a reply button!

  18. @Kelly,

    Quote: “Alicia Keys showed off her baby bump Friday morning on ABC’s Good Morning America and told us that she is right around five months pregnant.” on June 25th

    Due dates of human beings are estimated at 40 weeks gestation. Now, you do the math.

  19. Wow! You guys are so impatient, just wait until the baby comes, then all the fakery will end and the truth will come out. You know why, because there will be nothing left to hide. Yeah, it’s all fake, and yes we know it, but let go and let time reveal the truth.

  20. Alicia and Swizz are a beautiful couple. It was an honor to be in the company of the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

    Many people spend their lives in front of a movie screen in a theater watching others live their happy lifes. Those people also spend their valuable time being negative and judging others. You will never get that moment or minute back in time. All the negative comments released into the universe, it isn’t good for our souls.

    Love this couple and Love God.

    • @Beautiful Couple,

      Negative energy is not good for our souls, but rewarding lies and cheating is?

      What God would this be? The God of infidelity and adultery? Certainly not the God of the bible.

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        “What God would this be? The God of infidelity and adultery? Certainly not the God of the bible.”

        That’s RIGHT Mrs.Grapevine! :)

  21. @Michelle, there just isn’t much more to say to you that hasn’t already been said. But I will say this, instead of contradicting yourself with your illogical thought processes, why don’t you do the following: find a women’s shelter in your area, ask how you can adopt some families for Christmas. Go to your church, family, friends and co-workers and ask them to donating clothing, shoes, toys and other gifts for Christmas (canned goods and frozen turkeys are great too). Ask your friends to clean out their closets and donate the business attire to the women of the shelters so they can have clothes to interview in. Get off of your ridiculously illogical, contradictory soap box and DONATE!

  22. @Beautiful Couple, was everything about Jeffrey Dahmer beautiful? Are the men of MAMBLA beautiful? Are we supposed to not formulate an opinion about pedophiles, murderers, theives, adulterers, etc that is less than “rose colored”, and positive? Why do we have to be miserable, negative, and hate-filled simply bc we choose not to condone and applaud hideously immoral behavior?

    • @viciousvixen,

      I am sure when Jeffrey Dahmer was a baby, everyone thought he was beautiful and cute.

      Negative people are miserable and unhappy. The only person you can control is yourself. Pray for all the other immoral people of the world. All the perfect people like you should pray for everyone else.

      Thanks for the prays.

    • @viciousvixen,

      EXACTLY! People forget that Jesus, who is perfect and sinless, God is love and manifested as the Christ..

      EVEN He called the hypocrites (Pharisees) OUT in the open.

      He REBUKED publicly and many religious leaders plotted to kill him because they didn’t want to lose their “authority” or elitism.

  23. L




    • @beautiful couple, You need Jesus honey, I will pray for you!

      • @Shelly,

        Thank you! Please pray for me and for all the sinners.

  25. LMAO!

  26. @Shelly… AGREED! @Beautiful Couple… You obviously missed my point, but it’s ok sweetie. *serious side eye* Anywho… 1) ask your MD to lower your dosage of Prozac & 2) if you feel as though you must “read” me with the subliminal comments… It’s “like yourself” and “Thanks for the prayers” baby, not “you” & “prays” ;) lol! Ok I admit that was petty & mean spirited so I’m off to go say my prayers. Caio!

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