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Fantasia Publicity Pays Off; Album Debuts At #1

Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Celebrity Album Release, Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | 5 comments

Fantasia’s adultery rumors, suicide attempt, dark skin rant, and tearful interviews have paid off. The constant publicity has helped Fantasia set a new personal record by topping the R&B charts.  The singer’s album, Back to Me, sold 117,000 copies making it #1 on the R&B charts, and #2 on the Billboard’s Top 2oo. Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream takes the cake or the top spot with 192,000 units.  All I can say is that the days of  “Secret Lovers” are back, and people are hungry for some creepin’ music. Just Kidding! (But, seriously thinking As We Lay by Shirley Murdock would have been a great re-make.)

Fantasia Wears A Spider Ring And Arrives At Back To Me Album Release Party Fantasia Publicity Pays Off; Album Debuts At #1

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Rumor Control: Beyonce Did Not Fire Her Father

Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Family, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Quotes, Rumor Control | 4 comments

Rumors were going around several months back that Beyonce had fired or was thinking about firing her father, Matthew Knowles, as her manager. The rumors started when it was confirmed that Matthew cheated on Beyonce’s mom, Tina, and impregnated another woman. It seems like Matthew Knowles is going nowhere. So Jay-z is not slated to replace Matthew Knowles. According to a statement released by Music World Entertainment (Matthew’s Label):

Contrary to false rumors online, Beyonce and her manager Matthew Knowles unequivocally have had and continue to have a close personal and business relationship. Matthew Knowles is the sole and exclusive manager to Beyonce.

Beyonce and Matthew Knowles Rumor Control: Beyonce Did Not Fire Her Father

There you have it. Case closed, rumor cleared.

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Kim Kardashian Is Responsible And Doesn’t Drink

Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity News, Celebrity Photos, Celebrity Quotes | 4 comments

Say what you want about her (and her sex tape), Kim Kardashian seems to be on her game. Last night Kim was on the Tonight Show and she talks about how she is the responsible one among her sisters.

I’ve never been a drinker, I’ve never gotten into drugs. You know, I think I have such a close family… I think you know my sisters do enough drinking to kind of fill up the whole family.

Kim Kardashian On The Tonight Show Kim Kardashian Is Responsible And Doesnt DrinkKim said her father used to entrust her to drive her sisters home after a night of drinking. Khloe Kardashian got a DUI back in 2003 and Kourtney’s been known to party. Sex tape aside, you don’t really catch Kim running a muck falling out of cars drunk or going to jail. What do you think about Kim Kardashian?

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Terrell Owens In Tears Because He’s A Dead Beat Dad?

Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, TV Shows | 10 comments

Just when Kita and Mo were doing a good job of making me like Terrell Owens, we find out on Sunday’s episode of the T.O. Show that Mr. Owens has a three year old son he has not seen, EVER! Why you ask? Because Mr. Owens doesn’t have a good relationship with the baby’s mother. The irony in this whole situation is that T.O. didn’t know his father very well growing up, and when asked about the hurt he felt by not having a father, he was brought to tears. My thing is, if you know you were so hurt by your father why would you turn around and do it to your son. I appreciate him putting his business on the line for all to judge, and I hope this season ends with him being a better father to all of his children. BTW, he has two daughters that he does spend time with.

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Old School Women Rappers Says It Was About Talent Not About Fashion

Posted by on Sep 1, 2010 in Celebrity Music, TV Shows | 6 comments

BET aired a documentary, “My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women and Hip-Hop,” which “shines a light on the history and current status of female MCs and rappers in the Hip-Hop industry. Princess of Crime Mob hosted a viewing party with a panel discussion at Tongue & Groove in Atlanta. The documentary was put together very well and included guest appearances from Salt N Pepa, Roxanne Shante , Chuck D, ?uest Love,  MC Lyte, Swizz Beatz, Missy Elliot, Nikki D, Trina, Rah Digga, Eve, Lady Rage, and Jermaine Dupri.

It wasn’t about sex appeal. It was about what’s going to come out your mouth when you open it. So it was really about your skill, how well you spit, and if you can really get up there and stand with the big boys. -Nikki D

My favorite female rapper of all time would be MC Lyte, “Why Oh Why Did I Need Cappuccino”? I honestly don’t know how female rap went from Latifah to Nick Minaj. I felt we digressed after Lil Kim and Foxy Brown, and these girls today would be crushed by a MC Lyte when it comes to talent and looks. No shade, Nicki Minaj is trying to bring something back, but I just wish she was more substance and less gimmick, but that’s the nature of the game now. At least she’s trying…

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