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Who Does Antoine Dodson’s Hair?

Antoine Dodson appeared on the Today show looking quite fly with blow out promoting his new song, Run & Tell That, now  #35 on iTunes.

Normally, I shake my head in silence when I seem my relatives on TV acting up, but in the case of Antoine Dodson, I am happy he has the sense to use this as an opportunity to make money the Kardashian way. Many people are upset because they feel Antoine Dobson perpetuate stereotypes that black people try so hard to escape. I agree with them in a sense, but in this case it’s not a someone else making money off our “hoodness”, it’s Antoine Dodson capitalizing off himself. Considering, he was living  in government housing during a recession, I consider this a blessing. Now, let’s just hope he learns how to save and invest.

BTW, Who does his hair? His hair was laid this morning on the Today Show…

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