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Who Does Antoine Dodson’s Hair?

Antoine Dodson appeared on the Today show looking quite fly with blow out promoting his new song, Run & Tell That, now  #35 on iTunes.

Normally, I shake my head in silence when I seem my relatives on TV acting up, but in the case of Antoine Dodson, I am happy he has the sense to use this as an opportunity to make money the Kardashian way. Many people are upset because they feel Antoine Dobson perpetuate stereotypes that black people try so hard to escape. I agree with them in a sense, but in this case it’s not a someone else making money off our “hoodness”, it’s Antoine Dodson capitalizing off himself. Considering, he was living¬† in government housing during a recession, I consider this a blessing. Now, let’s just hope he learns how to save and invest.

BTW, Who does his hair? His hair was laid this morning on the Today Show…

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  1. I said the same thing after seeing his video on the today show! His hair was banging! Just swinging and BONE straight!

    • @Bella,

      I can’t be jealous of guy, Can I?

  2. There’s nothing more embarassing than an ignorant ni**g that doesn’t know that he’s ignorant. Based on his hoodness in that video I seriously doubt he has sense enough to invest that little bit of change the white media threw out while making a complete fool out of him. And sadly like most minstrels he doesn’t realize they’re sterotyping and laughing at him.

    • @STEFANY,

      It’s embarrassing to some, but he is making 50% from the sales of his song. Most people in the industry don’t even make that. Plus he has his own T-shirt line. He may be “ghetto”, but he seems to have a little sense. It’s nothing worse than what we see on Vh1. Those people make pennies compared to Antoine.

  3. From what I’m reading online Antoine is a hairstylist, himself. If this is true he can be responsible for my tresses any day!

    • @Kimora Cochran,

      I will fly to see him. He went from doo-rag to coiffed.

  4. I love Antoine Dodson! So what if he’s ghetto? He’s likable and he’s making the situation work for his family’s benefit. I wish him and his family the best.

    • @PONYears,

      I do too! He may be a “ghetto” to some, but he was protecting his family. Now, he’s trying to move his family to a safer place with money he made.

  5. From what I know he does he is a hair stylest.

  6. I think people need to get off him….make that money! Black people are always quick to down what they see as ghetto…when they know they got family just like that…i know i do.

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