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Update: Chris Brown Deuces Jumps To #1; Takers Takes The #1 Slot

UPDATE: Thanks to some loyal Chris Brown fans, we now have the updated hard numbers and Takers is the #1 movie over the weekend. It was close, but who cares #1 is #1. Takers brought in $20.6 million compared to The Last Exorcism’s $20.4 million.  So congrats to Chris Brown, T.I., Idris Elba, Micahel Ealy, and Paul Walker. (Thanks Brandy&  justmenyc25)

I have great news and good news for Chris Brown fans. His song Deuces has finally reached the #1 spot on  R&B Charts. His movie Takers, starring Idris Album, Paul Walker, and rapper T.I. falls short of the number 1 spot by a narrow margin, but performs well. Sadly, Takers at $21 million lost the top spot to the Last Exorcist which raked in $21.3 million. I don’t know who would want to spend their money on exorcisms over Takers but to each his own.

Chris Breezy is back on top like he never left. The 21-year-old’s latest single “Deuces” has hit the top of the Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart, soaring from No. 7 to 1 in a single week. This marks the first time that a single has made such a large jump to the top spot on this chart since Destiny’s Child accomplished the same feat back in 1999 with their smash “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

Not only did Brown tie DC’s accomplishment, but he also becomes the first artist to have a single reach No. 1 and also be the greatest gainer in the same week. {Source}

Chris Brown is trying to get his life in order and back on track. Here is a twitpic of him doing his community service sent via twitter.

Chris Brown Community Services Update: Chris Brown Deuces Jumps To #1; Takers Takes The #1 Slot

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  1. I love what I’m reading. Teambrezzy all the way!

  2. I saw Takers on Sunday,very good movie. Chris did his thang.GO TEAMBREZZY

  3. Takers is #1! Those numbers were estimates from yesterday. Final figures: Takers made 20,6m last exorcism made 20,4!

    • @Brandy,

      I got it updated. Thanks TeamBreezy…

  4. Actually Takers is the number 1 movie. I saw it over the wkend and I must say it was so worth it!!!

  5. Breezy is an abusive closeted homo. Hope he gets raped.

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