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Rihanna Jokes On Her Forehead On Twitter

Rihanna has officially taken over her own twitter this weekend. Looks like she’s having fun with it. Rihanna shows off her new longer red hair and a curling iron burn. She said:

Rihanna Tweets Rihanna Jokes On Her Forehead On Twitter

Rihanna Tweets Her First Pic of Curling Iron Burn1 Rihanna Jokes On Her Forehead On Twitter

Rumors were going around that Chris Brown made a comment about Rihanna joining twitter. Hours after Rihanna announced her twitter takeover, Chris had the following to say:

Chris Brown Twitter Just Got Wack Rihanna Jokes On Her Forehead On Twitter

Maybe it was just a classic case of bad timing? Or maybe Chris was just joking. It’s not like Chris Brown owns twitter, but it’s interesting that Rihanna wants to hop on now. Chris Brown has made away for himself via twitter, sounds like someone is ready to take over the airways with her new album and twitter, too.

Free world, I guess! BUT  it’s best when people keep their distance and stay in their lanes. I hope this does not turn into another Mashonda and Swizz Beatz twitter beef. You can follow Chris Brown on twitter (@ChrisBrown) as well as Rihanna (@Rihanna). Sounds like twitter just got interesting.

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  1. He made that twit when kat stacks twitted that she would make chris her new victim. It wasn’t about Rihanna he has moved on and so has she

    • @justmenyc25,

      But why did he erase it. I guess so no one can use it for the wrong reasons.

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