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Reporter Asks Montana Fishburne Why She Has Spots On Her Backside

So if you have seen nude pics or videos of Montana Fishburne, then you would know she has some serious scarring or spots on her behind. They’re hard to describe, but it looks like she got popped by a lot of bacon grease. Anyway, Montana Fishburne was doing an interview, and she reveals more than I wanted know about her life choices, and the spots on her tail.

I’ve had spots on my butt forever — there like…it ‘s a leopard booty. I’m not ashamed. It’s cute, I like it…

Watch the interview when you continue. Montana Fishnurne talks about breaking her father’s heart, she talks about how boring Kim Kardashian’s tape is, how she chose the name Chippy D, and how she doesn’t care what people think…

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