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Soulja Boy has fallen victim to Kat Stacks, and why you ask, because he is has a drug habit. That’s the only thing that will explain why any rapper would mess with Kat Stacks, with all that she has done. You can’t blame this on stupidity. It’s not like he needs the publicity, every time I turn on the radio I hear Pretty Boy Swagg.

[Bark Bite Blog]

My suspicion is confirmed in the Kat Stacks video below. Soulja Boy took Kat Stacks to Intercontinental Buckhead (Atlanta). While he was in the shower, Kat Stacks made a video of the hotel room, revealing  Soulja Boy is a bonafide coke-head. She also reveals Soulja Boy suffers from impotence because of his frequent drug use. We knew something was off with Soulja Boy and now we know he has a serious habit, and hopefully rehab will follow soon. You know you hit rock bottom, if Kat Stats is in your four star hotel room and not in a car behind the alley.


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