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People Are Asking: Did Serena Williams Get A Nose Job?

Rumors are going around that Serena Williams may have gotten a nose job.  Serena Williams pulled out of the U.S. Open last week to recover from a surgery related to a foot injury. According to People.com, “Williams was reportedly hurt by a broken glass at a restaurant while she was in Munich – shortly after winning her fourth Wimbledon singles title last month, and had “surgery” on July 15.” I guess people are question what surgery or surgeries actually took place.

Serena Williams Split Screen People Are Asking: Did Serena Williams Get A Nose Job?

Hmmm, I don’t think it is overly obvious. You know folks are really good with make-up these days. What do you think? Has the pressure of hanging out with Kim Kardashian finally gotten to Serena? Here are two more pics of Serena Williams without the movie make-up at Louis Vuitton Santa Monica, CA.

Serena Louis Vuitton 220x300 People Are Asking: Did Serena Williams Get A Nose Job? Serena Williams Louis Vuitton 234x300 People Are Asking: Did Serena Williams Get A Nose Job?

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  1. i dont think she got a a nose job. it looks like she lost a little weight and her face looks slimmer. also, her makeup is flawless, her hair looks very nice, and she overall looks more feminine.

    • @LovelyDay,

      She just looks rested and slim. Her looks change depending on her hairstyle and color

  2. I don’t think she did…just a better stylist/makeup artist…but if she did…so what. Imeanreally!

    • @yusufwife,

      I mean really we are not allowed to ask? Is it one of those things you pretend you don’t notice?

      No one passed judgment on her.

  3. Yes, Serena did just have surgery on her foot and backed out of the US Open, but she still made several appearances throughout the week. I noticed immediately that her her facial features look different, but couldn’t quite nail what it was. But it surely looks like she had some kind of work done. She looks great and better than ever. Maybe she went to Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgeon because it’s the same with Kim K. There have been some subtle changes in her facial features as well.

  4. She had no nip/tuck on the face…like it was said earlier, her looks change depending on the make up she’s wearing. I know one thing, her and big Sis Venus have been looking better than ever lately!

  5. No nose job…just a little makeup trick called contouring. Her buddy Kim K does it all the time.

  6. she needs to keep dressing up and putting on just a lil makeup as she is not that pretty

  7. Yes, Ms. Thing clearly had a nose job.

  8. wow its hard being a celeb all the crazy claim. its obvious that her nose is contoured with the help of makeup it looks exactly the same as far as shape. smh why ever post a story on this when you know its makeup? just to stir up drama…

    • @saavy, Exactly …

  9. I don’t blame this one, i just she could have gone a lttle smaller so there won’t be a next time,
    Ya Know Me’

    • @ya know me’, I wanna ay whusspp to Mondo because I just watched the show and can’t believe you’re on it.
      It’s on,
      You Know Me’

  10. I’m sorry I thought this was Mondo from the show but it’s from two snapsup.

  11. The tip of the nose has definitely been bobbed. Very subtle, but has been altered. Anyway, don’t like her after seeing the tape of her screaming foul words at that lines judge. She showed her true character then and be honest, she is not a nice person. Would you want to work for her,NO.

  12. And if she did??? That is her business.

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  14. Her nose is the same…she is using makeup to accent her nose…a makeup artist trick…same nose

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