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Nick Cannon: Mariah Is Not Superstitious About Pregnancy. She’s Spiritual.

Last week Mariah Carey addressed pregnancy rumors by saying she was superstitious (insinuating that she didn’t want to jinx her pregnancy). Being the loyal husband that he is, Nick Cannon quickly recanted on behalf of Mariah and said the following:

I think it’s more of a spiritual thing. Like trying to stay true and stay private for as long as you possibly can.  She wants to keep as much privacy as she possibly can.

Mariah Carey Performs In Brazil Nick Cannon: Mariah Is Not Superstitious About Pregnancy. Shes Spiritual.

I can totally understand that. A lot of women have miscarriages within the first several months. I think Mariah and Nick are being really smart about it until she is in the “safe” zone. Nick is excited to be a dad. He says,

I love kids. I’m all about kids. I’m a big kid!

In any case, I hope all goes well with their pregnancy!!

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One Comment

  1. I truely respect and admire this couple. I mean how often do you find true love. That is surely what these two have. They have been married for a couple of years and you havent heard anything negative about them. Thats a plus and they just seem so happy together. Thats a true blessing. This child will be a great addition to them, and they diserve it.

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