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Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Get Into Heated Argument While Drunk

While Amber Rose was sending subliminal tweets about dating Reggie Bush, TMZ has learned that Reggie Bush tried to get back with Kim Kardashian during his former teammate’s wedding. As reported earlier the two appeared friendly at the wedding, but what wasn’t reported is that by the end of the night that friendliness turned into a huge fight. That fight eventually lead to security guards calling separate cabs and sending the drunken ex-lovers home.

Details when you continue:

We’re told Reggie started chatting up Kim about working things out and getting back together — totally understandable, by the way, considering how Kim looked that night (above). But you know how wedding receptions go — lots of booze.

Sources tell us the convo got more and more heated and Reggie got more and more “aggressive due to drunkenness.” We’re told it never got physical, but eventually bodyguards stepped in to “pull Reggie away from Kim.”

At about 1:00AM the bodyguards got a cab for Reggie and one for Kim and sent them home.

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