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Judge Praises Chris Brown; Deuces #2 On R&B Charts

Chris Brown is officially making a comeback since his “incident” with Rihanna. Not only is Brown’s new movie Takers in the movie theaters, his song Deuces have climbed to #2 on R& Bcharts and he is apparently doing a great job on probation.  Brown attended his 4th court hearing yesterday and Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg had the following to say to Chris Brown about his progress:

You’re doing very well on probation. You’re doing a great job.

Chris Brown At August 26th Hearing Judge Praises Chris Brown; Deuces #2 On R&B Charts

Brown has logged almost 300 hours of community service (of his 6 month sentence) and he’s gotten positive reports from the domestic violence counseling program that he’s attending.

I’m really happy for him. Everyone falls, but it’s good to know they can also pick themselves up.  It has not been an easy road for Chris Brown the last year and a half, but he seems eager to clean his image up and to change himself. What do you think? Do you think Chris Brown can make a complete comeback?

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  1. The only way CB can make a complete and full comeback is if he stops grabbing his junk and appearing in public dressed like this!: http://mrsgrapevine.com/2010/08/breaking-news-chris-brown-in-hot-water-again/#more-15819. Judge shoulda added on additional hours of rehab in, like, a fashion class in a local community college or somethin’!

    • @anonymousnupe,

      Whoa! I though that outfit was going to set him back…lol

  2. I think anyone can turn their lives around, if that is something they truly want to accomplish. From what I can see, he is doing that. And, I am proud of him.

  3. I’m happy that he’s able to get a second chance even though it seems as if there are people who still want to keep their foot on his neck. Funny how no one is giving Charlie Sheen the same crap their giving Chris and Charlie has a long history of violence!

  4. I totally agree with you Latanya. Charlie sheen has a history of dv but his show is still on the air and I’m sure he’s still getting movie roles

    Chris brown is proving that you can learn from your mistakes and I think he is a better person for it. Usher needs to do a tour with chris!!!!!!

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