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Ciara & Keri Hilson Get Into A Cat Fight In NYC Power Live?

According to the Daily News, the real reason why Keri Hilson did not perform during the Power Live concert  in NYC is because she and Ciara got into a huge cat fight, and Keri Hilson refused to perform:

Insiders initially told us that the two R&B/hip-hop artists, who’ve had a long-brewing feud through their songs, had a verbal cat-fight backstage that kept Hilson from performing.

Keri Hilson reps report that she wasn’t even at the concert she said an emergency in L.A., and Power Live organizers said Hilson was just unable to perform for reason out her control. Ciara reps claim there is no “feud”, the story is “not true”, and added Keri Hilson just “missed her plane”. How they know she missed her plane, I don’t know. I do know the Daily News is generally accurate on these matters, so I don’t know who leaked or made up this story.

BUT, it sounds like someone’s reps, may have been caught leaking a story for publicity. If not, then the Daily News is trying to start drama, although they usually go after bigger fish than Ciara or Keri Hilson.

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