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Carmelo Anthony Offers $5,000 For Someone To Slap Kat Stacks?!!

Kat Stacks=Bad News. Kat Stacks has officially angered another male celebrity, NBA player Carmelo Anthony. I’m still trying to find the original tweets that started this mess, I’ll update them as they come in. So according to CBS Sports, Kat Stacks started trouble with Carmelo Anthony through twitter, angry words were exchanged and Carmelo tweeted the following:

Carmello Anthony Tweet To Kat Stacks Carmelo Anthony Offers $5,000 For Someone To Slap Kat Stacks?!!

Carmelo also apparently posted a pic of $5k in cash. And then he tweeted that whoever slaps Kat Stacks should record it and send it to him.  Of course after word got out, Carmelo’s wife, La La Vasquez, said that someone hacked into his account. Well, Kat Stacks just tweeted that she filed a police report against Carmelo. Why won’t Kat Stacks go away? I’m afraid something really bad is going to happen to her. And what is going on with all this violence against women?

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  1. yes I am afraid she might come up missing as well. she needs to keep her mouth shut forreal. I mean dont she know that these dudes have money to make her come up missing and no one would even miss her.

  2. Yeah, especially for only $5K! But, you know, some crack head might just take Melo up on that offer. Like Solja Boy (however he spells it).

    Suuuurreee somebody hacked into your account, Melo.

    • @anonymousnupe,

      The hacking excuse is getting old.

  3. I’m guilty of laughing really hard when I saw carmello’s tweet. But I’m tired of these people giving this girl recognition. If you don’t talk to her or about her she doesn’t exist right? He just gave her a little increase in publicity with the bounty. But in all seriousness…she needs to see a speech therapist immediately

    • @Carrien,

      I try to ignore her, but sometimes her antics or so outrageous, I need validation that I’m not the crazy one. I really can’t believe the stuff she’s doing.

  4. c’mon I can’t be the only one who is counting down the days until Kat Stacks is found in a ditch under the freeway.

  5. There’s actually a website that explains why Kat Stacks is the way she is. A lot of people follow the news about what she does to other people, but very FEW people know about HER. Most people don’t know HOW or WHY she turned out to be so twisted, and WHY she does the things she does to others. It’s a LOT of information, but if you’re really interested in what’s going on in her BRAIN, then you should check it out. The site is at:


    (Copy and paste the link, but NOT the lines on the sides.)

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