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Beyonce’s Racy New Dereon 2010 Photo Shoot

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve probably seen photos of Beyonce’s clothing line Dereon over the last several days. Check out more photos of Beyonce’s Dereon collection, for fall 2010.  Is it me or does it have a lot of Lady Gaga influence? I started to notice a change in Beyonce’s swag after her collaborations with Lady Gaga on Video Phone and Telephone. What do you think?

Click “Continue Reading” and check out 9+ photos of Beyonce’s racy photo shoot…

Beyonce With Tattooed Back On Dereon Photo Shoot 2010 Beyonces Racy New Dereon 2010 Photo Shoot

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  1. To me it is just the next level of the agenda that she is apart of. Yeah I know her change since being in contact with Lady Gaga time will reveal all.

  2. I’ve noticed a lot of people commenting about these photo’s she has over the internet…saying there racy and what will her fans and critics say. Well people just need to realize and accept that she is a grown women now. She may do some things that will shatter that “little girl image” people have of her. Just remember that this woman is on her “A” game at all times.
    Bravo I say to “B”.

  3. DEREON is tacky garbage clothes. Who’s keeping this junk in business becasue I don’t see anybody wearing it.

  4. Beyonce is like Uber-Woman. NOT Super but wayyyy more than that! I ? it!

  5. I think she’s been inspired by the off beat nature of baby sis, Solange + Gaga, and her ‘look’ for the next album will be a bit hipster and less safe than we’re used to. That’s the scary thing…im not sure how we’ll react to the experimental Beyonce…

  6. I’m seeing some Gaga/RiRi inspirations here. Anyway it’s cool edgy photoshoot. Loves It ;-)!

  7. I think her inspiration for these ads are from Gaga and lesser known folks over in Europe….especially those black leggings. She straight copied them from the pair she bought at Top Shop that were made by a UK designer. SMH!

  8. Wow. Beyonce looks incredibly hot here. Great photoshoot.

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