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Bad Girls Club Miami: Episode One Morgan Dragged Down The Stairs

We all remember Natalie “I Run LA” Nunn, from the  last season of Bad Girls Club, well meet Morgan from Miami. Well, Morgan apparently thinks she runs Miami, and instantly created enemies in the house by claiming she is the “hottest chick in Miami”. Morgan refused to go out with some of the other cast mates because she said they were too ugly to be seen in her presence, and would ruin her Miami image. I promise you I’m not making this up. I don’t know exactly what went wrong, but by the end of episode one, they were dragging poor Morgan down the stairs by her leg. This season the girls are quite psycho, and if you love bottom-feeding television, this season will not disappoint.

Something tells me this season of Bad Girls Club, will set a record low in the morality category. This is sure to be the season that will make us sit down and pray for out children’s future.

Due to language this video is NSFW, plat at your won risk:

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