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Amber Rose In Black String Bikini At Miami Beach

I guess by showing these pictures of Amber Rose on the beach in Miami in her string bikini, I am encouraging young women (Montana Fishburne) to skip hard work, and just show some skin. Hopefully, that is not the case. I am sure Amber Rose would tell you that her story is a Cinderella story, meaning very few of her friends or colleagues from the strip club have enjoyed the life she has. I am sure Amber Rose would also tell you that her life wasn’t always easy or glamorous. A big butt and a smile comes a dime a dozen now-a-days, so please don’t think your body is that special that you too will become famous. Amber Rose is the exception, not the norm.

This ends my PSA, back to business…

Amber Rose Black String Bikini Sexy 6 Amber Rose In Black String Bikini At Miami Beach

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  1. I think it’s her hair and attitude that separates her from the pack. There’s really nothing special about her body. Like you implied, I see better bodies than hers everyday on the subway. And has anyone ever heard her speak? I never have. Does she even speak English? I think she’s probably smart enough to keep her mouth closed as to not confirm to the world that she’s probably not the quickest wit in the club.

    What?! No rear “flossing” shots?!

  2. The thing about Amber Rose is…she has THAT SOMETHING which tells you she didn’t have it the easier way and she doesn’t take it for granted. Like Dita Von Teese, you know? There’re both strippers but they managed to catch the public’eye. They’re not that talkative about her life, they keeps mostly her thoughts for themselves and now the media and the “fans” are the ones chasing them around and looking for some info. Moreover the looks, they have personnality.

    • Oopsie ” they keep mostly their thoughts for themselves”

  3. stop hating she is sizzling hot in that string

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