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The Oprah Show Hypocrisy: Oprah Reaches Out To Paula Cook, But Not Mashonda

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Exes, TV Shows | 31 comments

Hold the presses, before I act up in this place! Please tell me this is not true… According to Radar Online, Oprah’s people have reached out to Paula Cook to tell her side of the story. Paula Cook’s husband, Antwun Cook has been having an affair with Fantasia for the past year. Well, consider The Oprah Show mainstream media for choosing to give Paula Cook a voice, but  ignoring and even higher profiled affair between Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys. I usually defend The Oprah Show, but this is some true BS. We are ready to throw Fantasia under the bus, by booking Paula Cook,  yet elevate Alicia Keys on a pedestal for the same set of circumstances, by having her sing Christmas Carols with Tim McGrawDidn’t Fantasia sing in Oprah’s the Color Purple? For real, I don’t condone Fantasia’s actions, but they are about to treat Fantasia like they did Chris Brown.

Lastly, I know Mashonda would NOT have passed up an opportunity to go on the Oprah Show and tell her side of the story. Let’s see, when Jennifer Aniston lost her husband to Angelina Jolie, Oprah couldn’t wait to have her “friend” Jennifer tell her side of the story. Why didn’t Mashonda get a call? #justsayin

Precious LA Premiere Oprah The Oprah Show Hypocrisy: Oprah Reaches Out To Paula Cook, But Not Mashonda

I’m just going to hope, Oprah didn’t know about this. I hope Oprah told Fantasia to be quiet, too, when it comes to her personal life, and Fannie just didn’t listen. Check out the details according to Radar Online when you continue reading.

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Fantasia Says Suicide Was Very Real, “I Just Wanted To Go To Sleep”

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Interviews, Embarassing Moments | 5 comments

Fantasia knows tragedy and through out her career she has capitalized off her tragedies more so than her strengths or talents.  From dropping out of school, being a teenage single mother, learning to read as an adult because she was illiterate, domestic abuse from baby daddy, dysfunctional father and brother relationships, and now add mistress to a married man, suicide, plus destroying her career from poor work ethic and no shows…

I just want Fantasia to get it together and make the headlines for something positive and beautiful. I think she has an amazing voice, and she really needs to change the people around her (even if they are family) as well as the way she makes decisions. The grave is certainly not the answer.

These tragedies have lead to winning American Idol, getting a book and movie deal, landing a reality show, and I don’t know how many Behind the Music specials with VH1. It’s getting harder for me as a fan to not see the cycle, and wonder if the tragedy is her road to success. As a fan, I just want Fantasia to know she’s worth so much more than she gives herself credit for. It’s time to share some good news, instead of being infamous for the all the bad.

Fantasia Jackie Robinson Annual Awards Dinner2 Fantasia Says Suicide Was Very Real, I Just Wanted To Go To Sleep

Anyway, Fantasia opens up to People.com about her suicide attempt, and why she felt the need to take sleeping pills to escape:

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EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Nunn Is Back On Relaity TV *Claps Hands*

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in TV Shows | 3 comments

I am probably Natalie Nunn’s only fan *sarcasm*, I’m just kidding. I am sure she has lots of fans. For those of you who love great reality TV, Natalie Nunn will be appearing on Oxygen’s new hit series, “Hair Battle Spectacular.” I always wanted to be a fantasy hair model; it’s some weird fetish of mine.

Natalie Nunn has been invited as a guess judge. You know she’s going to bring the drama. So watch the show tomorrow night, Tuesday August 24th, 2010 at 10pm / 9pm on Oxygen. Here’s a sneak peek  for MrsGrapevine.com readers.

Natalie Nunn Hair Battle Spectacular 1 EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Nunn Is Back On Relaity TV *Claps Hands*

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Bow Wow’s Girlfriend Angela Simmons Dancing To Ciara, Bow Wow’s Ex

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Twitter, Videos | 7 comments

It’s a small celebrity world! Angela Simmons now back with on and off again boyfriend Bow Wow taped herself dancing to Ciara’s Gimmie Dat. Angela Simmons new all the words and everything. So, I am going to be nice and say flattery is the highest form of praise, instead of being messy, wondering what message is Angela Simmons really sending.

Check out Angela moving her hips like an experienced “dancer”.

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Congrats! Chris Brown ‘Deuces Moves’ Up To #5; Tops Charts

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Celebrity Music, Celebrity News | 7 comments

Chris Brown fans should be happy, his new single Deuces is climbing the R&B/Hop-Hop Charts. Not only did he break the top ten this week, but he jumped six slots from #11 to #5. Deuces is officially part of the Billboard’s Top 40, as it has also jumped from #56 to #39 on the Pop Charts.

Chris Brown just sent out a tweet saying that Deuces has now hit the #1 slot. We will have to wait for the Billboard charts to be released to confirm, but if so, all his hard work has finally paid off.

Chris Brown Deuces Tops Charts Congrats! Chris Brown Deuces Moves Up To #5; Tops Charts

Why am I happy for Chris Brown? Because the fans have a right to support or  not support Chris Brown for his past actions, but the industry insiders were trying to black ball. That’s not right, considering all the other creeps and criminal they still support.

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