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Too Short Invites Underage Girls Backstage And Arrested For Battery

Too Short is 44 years old. Yes, he’s considered a ‘legend’ in the hip hop industry and known for his not so flattering lyrics about women, but is it too much to ask for Too Short to grow up?  Probably.  Too Short was arrested early Thursday morning for beating up employees at the Boise Knitting Factory nightclub in Boise, Idaho.  Apparently, he and his associate were told by the nightclub’s employees that they had to stop inviting underage girls backstage.  Too Short and his friend didn’t like being told what to do, so they punched, kicked and pushed the employees. Boo!

Too Short Mug Shot Boise Idaho1 Too Short Invites Underage Girls Backstage And Arrested For Battery

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  1. Pu**Y is the most powerful trap on earth, men never learn.

    • @STEFANY,

      Why is Too Short in Boise, ID?

      • @MrsGrapevine 2,

        I was wondering the same thing? I guarantee you they were white girls, you know Too Short hangs with Kendra Wilkerson (playboy bunny).

  2. Actually Too $hort comes to Boise every couple of years. LOL we like good music too… And where were these little girls parents?

  3. oh and what the press forgots to say was that he sucker punched a female bouncer who was maybe 5’1″

    • @smash, really? Wow, I’m not surprised. He isn’t known for any gentlemen qualities. wow.

  4. yeah i didnt get to go to the show but my friend did..they were trying to stop him from taking the girls backstage or whatever..he threw the first punch at her..and thats when shiz hit the fan. If he comes back(which is doubtful) I wont be going. jerk.

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