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Tiger Woods Will Pay $750 Million For Cheating On His Wife???

I know a lot of women are thinking “Tiger can cheat on me 113 times for $750 Million.” Whew. Elin, Tiger Wood’s soon-to-be ex-wife is getting $750M, their $4.5M home in Florida, an apartment in Stockholm and a nearby farm. All Elin has to do is keep quiet about their relationship for the rest of her life, even if Tiger dies first (you wouldn’t hear a word out of me).  Elin Woods also gets physical custody of their children, but Tiger can get them a half a week each week.  I have to hear your opinions on this one, what do you think?

NOTE: I doubt we will ever know the real sum, but according to UK tabloid The Sun, Tiger agreed to $750 Million. That just don’t sound right at all. To get a man with a lawyer to pay that much in support, Elin must have some serious dirt on him.

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