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The Dream Apologizes: Says “I Carried The Weight In Secret”

The Dream wrote an open-letter apology for cheating on his wife, Christina Milian. Why is he apologizing to us? I do not know, but sounds like yet another publicity stunt to explain why he was frolicking with his assistant on a beach with bystanders just feet away.

The Dream Cheating On Christina Milian Mystery Woman The Dream Apologizes: Says I Carried The Weight In Secret

Any how, I thought it was important to help him get his message out, and point out my favorite lines:

First I want to thank God for the trials of life, without them we can’t know purpose!

There was so much going on in me and Christina’s personal world that I tried to deal with it as delicately as I could and tried to regain my footing.  Instead of being direct in order not to cause even more hurt or hurt someone’s feelings, I carried the weight in secret!

Is it me or is he just asking for us to make jokes. He wants to thank God for his cheating, and we all know he should have left the word “weight” out of this apology #justsaying. Read the rest of the letter when you “continue”, and let know how you feel. Is it sincere, or just lyrics to a new song?

In My Own Words:

First I want to thank God for the trials of life, without them we can’t know purpose!

I would love to tell the truth as to why my relationship wasn’t successful, but today that is between me and Christina.  Its easy to say that it’s because of another woman or a new relationship but truthfully, IT’S NOT.

I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for misleading everyone into thinking everything was fine and okay when we knew problems existed for awhile!  I wanted to speak up but we decided it wasn’t for anyone to know.  I would NEVER intentionally hurt a soul and everyone around me knows that!  There was so much going on in me and Christina’s personal world that I tried to deal with it as delicately as I could and tried to regain my footing.  Instead of being direct in order not to cause even more hurt or hurt someone’s feelings, I carried the weight in secret!

I am Human and people fall in and out of Love all the time… This is Life.  Nothing’s promised or perfect, neither am I.  I am not proud that I lost something we once had…LOVE!  I’ve always been a Loving Father, Hard Worker, Generous, Stern and Eager to prove myself.  My faults are I can be irresponsible and an ass sometimes, but I HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER be a malicious person or wish harm to anyone, especially those I love or the mother of my child.  I’m sorry for the embarrassment to everyone involved!  If there’s anyone to blame and you can’t fathom this happening, please blame me and me alone for not being upfront!  Even though we were trying to overcome personal things between us, I was just simply scared and embarrassed to let everyone know we WERE FAILING and HAVE NOW FAILED!

This is not to justify anything, it’s true emotion! It’s a real thing that involves real people!  I’ve cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I’ve tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming.

But I was reminded by my MOTHER that I am not “Superman” and its okay to lose sometimes…

This too shall pass! And everything will be fine!

~ Terius Nash ~

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  2. rejecting his black baby, who she used ONLY TO GET HIS MONEY, was the first sign of a con marriage.

    decent women dont leave a man when their babies are in infancy because they know their children need a father, but USERS let nothing stop them from the mission of dumb black man money. cubans R more rascist than the KKK

    • @it was all about money on her part, what?

  3. I guess I’m a sucker, I believe him and I ain’t saying anything that will push him over the edge. This man just needs to take some time and begin to heal.

    • @Really, I believe that he was struggling in their relationship. I believe even more than Christina was struggling too. But as far as any remorse attached to him cheating…he’s just feeling remorse because he got caught with his hands dirty.

      • @Sharron Todd, I meant “I believe even more THAT Christina was struggling too..”

    • @Really,

      Please tell me, what part do you believe?

  4. I wish he just be quiet and go away,the more he tries to explain his situation he continues to put his foot in his mouth, Only a guilty person will continue to try and clean up the mess that he clearly started.

    Had he not been busted with his pr assisttance we (public) would have been subjected to his many explanations.

    I’m waiting on christina to speak and if she doesn’t that is fine too!

  5. What im trying to understand is how 2 ugly mutha…. can cheat on to pretty women. (Swizz and the Dream) I mean damn.

    • @sweet2, lol

  6. sounds like a bunch of hog wash to me. if the dream didn’t want to address is private life, he could easily say “no comment”. There is no need to lie. What purpose dies that serve?

    • @tutu, I don’t think he was lying completely. But I do think he was doing his best to get some sympathy from the public. Mission UN-accomplished.

  7. Translation: I’m a selfish, narcissistic, ego-driven little boy who was hoping that by having a “relationship” and a kid with someone relatively more popular, smarter, and def prettier than me would help my “career”. Now, that I’ve been caught and my true colors are showing I’m simply trying to save face. Of course I had to throw God and suicide in there for extra sympathy. He recovered just fine in between his assistant’s legs.

    Her friends have already come out saying that he was controlling and manipulative, even to the point where only he could produce her tracks. This guy is anything more than a “dream”, more like a delusional nightmare.

    • @GOONERBABE, lol @ “He recovered just fine in between his assistant’s legs..”

  8. The Dream sounds totally selfish in that letter. Can’t wait to hear what Christina will say, but I don’t expect her to say anything soon. She deserves some points just for looking at the belly everyday.

  9. zzzzzzzzzz

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