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Tamera Mowry Is Engaged; Chris Tucker Owes $11 Million In Taxes; Michael Jackson’s “Love Child” Revealed

Sister Sister’s other half, Tamera Mowry, is getting married to her long time boyfriend Fox News correspondent Adam Housley. Apparently, they were engaged before and broke it off, but now are back on again. I hope it works out this time.

[Photo Credit: The YBF]

Chris Tucker joins Wesley Snipes in tax problems, according to TMZ, Tucker owes $11 Million dollars in back taxes to the IRS.  When are actors going to learn that the government will get their money one way or another? I really hope Tucker doesn’t go to jail.

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Mocienne Petit Jackson, a woman in the Netherlands and alleged daughter of Barbara Ross (Diana Ross’ sister), says she is the child of Michael Jackson and Barbara RossMocienne also claims that Katherine Jackson tried to have her abducted at 9 years old, but that the kidnappers were all murdered (what?!).

Not that any of you will be surprised, Mocienne says she wants a claim in MJ’s inheritance.  And Mocienne says that she wants to have custody of his kids so she can give them a better life.  DNA tests will tell the truth in due time.

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