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New Details: Swizz Beatz Daughter With Jahna Sebastian

I Am London Diva just received an e-mail from a woman who claims she’s close friends with Jahna Sebastian. For those of you who don’t know about Jahna Sebastian, she’s allegedly the 4th child of producer Swizz Beatz. I say allegedly because there hasn’t been any proof or a confirmation by either sides. I didn’t post the story when it originally broke because it seemed suspect. Well, someone is really trying to push this story and here is a copy of the letter received by I Am London Diva. (Thanks LB for the tip )

If there is any truth to this information, then there should be some court documents that can verify the details of this letter. If the details are verified this will make 4 children by Swizz Beatz, by 4 different women.

Hey London Diva,

I am close friend of Jahna Sebastian, the mother of Swizz Beatz’s daughter. It’s ridiculous how celebrities turn out to be the opposite to what they portray to the public.

Swizz Beatz might be busy getting ready for marriage and new baby with Alicia Keys, but he stopped paying child support to his only daughter with producer/singer Jahna Sebastian who resides in London. Paternity has been established via DNA test taken in August 2009 and Alicia Keys was present.

Jahna has maintained independent parental responsibility for two years trying to reach Swizz Beatz personally but received no response. She then sought attorney’s help and filed petition in July 2009. Swizz first time paid child support in September 2009 starting with $1500. Many people in UK and Russia already know about their two-year old daughter and it seems strange that he still would not publicly acknowledge her.

Alicia seems to go along with it too. In May Swizz did not attend his daughter’s birthday although he promised to through a Birthday Party. Two days later he was in London visiting his fiancé who announced her pregnancy on 27th May when the same day he visited his daughter for three hours. During the past year Jahna Sebastian and Swizz Beatz have been in and out of court but Swizz did not provide required information. They are going back into the court again very soon as Swizz is not behaving himself as a responsible father.

24-year old Jahna Sebastian is a respected producer and engineer as well as a singer, who graduated from Russian Academy of Music at the age of only 20 and is known in the community as a very independent young woman.

More details:

Jahna Sebastian met Kasseem Dean, better known as Swizz Beatz, in August 2007 in London, UK, at the Ministry of Sound nightclub, after being introduced by his manager. At this stage, Jahna Sebastian wasn’t a fan who had been aware of his career.

During Swizz Beatz’s subsequent performance at the venue, he invited Jahna Sebastian onto the stage to perform with him, which she did. After this initial meeting, a short relationship followed during which Swizz Beatz failed to inform Jahna Sebastian that he was married and gave an impression that was at liberty to pursue such a course of action.

Upon his return to the US, Jahna Sebastian became aware that Swizz Beatz was married and broke off any interest in him, which wasn’t hard as they had no contact at this time. Jahna Sebastian found out she was pregnant with Swizz Beatz’s child about six weeks later and there was no thought of having pregnancy terminated, on principle.

Jahna Sebastian was aware of the implications and possible effect on Swizz Beatz’s marriage, so when six to seven weeks pregnant, she initially privately made him aware of her pregnancy via e-mail, with the intention of seeking advice on how to deal with the situation, but received no response.

When three months pregnant, Jahna Sebastian was detained in Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre and subjected to Fast Track political asylum assessment protocol, an exercise eventually found to contain material error in law in the way her asylum application had been processed, a fact that led to her release, two months later.

Swizz Beatz’s name had been referenced as the father of their then unborn child, during interviews with the UK Home Office, at the time when Jahna Sebastian was initially detained. Jahna Sebastian attempted to make Swizz Beatz aware of her predicament of being pregnant with his child and being detained, by writing him a letter from Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre outlining these facts, without response. [Read the read here]

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