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Swizz Baby Baby Mama Beef: Jahna Sebastian Speaks On Alicia Keys Affair

Jahna Sebastian may not be ready to confirm her child’s paternity, but she is prepared to take shots at Swizz Beatz and his relationship with Alicia Keys. Jahna Sebastian has a blog, and she wanted to address the issue of sleeping with producers in exchange for a track, also known as “…ing For Tracks”Jahna Sebastian started off with  talking about how a “unknown producer” solicited her and how she had to put him in his place. But then, Jahna got into this rant about other women sleeping with producers and destroying families just for the sake of their careers, and it became quite personal.

Note to Swizz Beatz: Can you stop your women from talking to the media so that we can move  on (Kum Ba Ya).  *sighs*

Swizz Beatz Baby Mama Jahna Sebastian Daughter2 Swizz Baby Baby Mama Beef: Jahna Sebastian Speaks On Alicia Keys Affair

[Photo Credit: Necole Bitchie]

“Continue Reading” to see what Jahna Sebastian had to say about producers and celebs breaking up marriages all for fame and Grammys…

Hearing about some of today’s successful artists, who for their career sleep with producers jumping from one to another, break up marriages even when kids are involved and take everything for themselves with no sense of morality, building their image by speculating on sacred things, then get Grammys and worldwide promotion, I think to myself that somehow they get away with it too easy, but what is happening within their soul? {Source via Cmongood}

Maybe we’re all reading too much into this, but what other Grammy winning producer with kids is breaking up marriages with a woman singing about sacred things, on worldwide tour. I fresh out of ideas.

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  1. Alicia is the most delusional woman in the world if she thinks she is the one and only woman for Swiss

    • @Choco,

      I am convinced everyone has become delusional.

    • @Choco,
      I totally agree with you. I really feel sorry for her because she will be the next victim.

  2. Ak seems to think that she is the only who knows and who has felt Swizz. She can hear about all of these woman all around the same time and still act as if she does not care. AK, Jahna and Mashonda was all pregnant basically at the same time so Ak knew his game she just think that she is the better woman. I wonder does she consider the fact that right now she has the most to lose in all of this?

    • @resurrected, I don’t know if Alicia has the most to loose. If Swizz turns out to hurt her then the most people will say is ‘I told you so’ but most people don’t want him for her anyway they would be glad if he goes away. So if he should ever be outta the picture most people will be rooting for her to redeem herself. Her loss would be more in personal feelings but musically she will have the support.

  3. Mrs. Grapevine you said the all important words- she’s NOT confirming the paternity of her daughter but she is taking shots. I read her blog and she said she was scheduled to play at a major event but was denied due to this ‘situation’. If it did happen then its good she stood up for herself. But if she is referring to Alicia then she should know that Alicia has been in the game for over 10 years and has written and produced alot of her own music. She is far from being a fluke artist. Her success came before Swizz and will continue with or without him. Sounds more like you wish you had her musical success because Alicia don’t have to sleep around to get major gigs.

  4. Aww this trick is trippin, she had a baby by a married man and now she is talking about AK, AK don’t need to f*ck for not tracks, now will she need to beg for swizzz to pay child support if he walks away, she can handle that. This woman is a fool. She has a one night stand with a then married man and had a baby by a then married man and she is throwing shots. She wish, she had 1/3 of the success that AK has, never broad, take a leap. You got played.

  5. And the beat goes on….I hope AK pulls away right about now! Her image, career and success isent worth this damage-control, everthing Swizz is gonna reflect back to AK. Alicia, honey let him go, let the drama gooo..

    • @Cole,


  6. I think people can’t read. She said the mess around with married producers and then get grammys. Alicia had 12 grammys before getting involved with Swizz, and none of his music will ever win her a grammy. I wonder if these assuming bloggers actually read her new blog today, I’ll post it because I know y’all didn’t. Stop assuming mess, it’s dumb and rumors hurt more people than you know, Jahna is a producer herself and that blog spoke about her LIFE.

    This is her post TODAY on bloggers lying on her.

    It was not about Alicia Keys, stop spreading hate by taking words out of context
    I was very surprised to find out that some folks started assuming that there were subliminal messages in my blog posted more than a month ago: http://jahnasebastian.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-give-thanks-for-being-producer-myself.html There are NO subliminal messages there.

    The conclusion in my post was a general statement that can apply to various artists around the world from UK, US, Russia, China, Germany etc and at any point the history of music business. It was not targeted at any particular artist especially someone who writes and produces songs for themselves and other people, where is the logic in that? It was definitely not about Alicia Keys. Any Russian person who read it could have possibly linked it to a famous Russian artist in their mind who folks in the US or other parts of the world have never heard of. I guess, people see what their eyes want to see. No need to start a beef here and spread hate by taking words out of context.
    If I said that I don’t fuck for tracks it means I don’t and have never done so. The story about Glastonbury is one of the incidents that happened in my life and was very upsetting. Also it doesn’t mean that every relationship within the industry have to do with ulterior motives, people simply fall in love sometimes. “

    • @Sarah,

      The beef was started by Jahna, who felt it was necessary to make such a statement in the first place. She is obviously throwing shade at someone. I’m not buying that it was generic blanketed statement. Why go there in the first place, if her point was only to say she didn’t have sex for tracks. She already established that.

      Secondly, this is a woman who is now famous in the US because she is linked to Swizz Beatz. However, she has not given a definite yes or no regarding the paternity of her child. So, I don’t trust her motives.

      If Swizz is not the father of her child, then she should make that known, since it is his name that is being drugged through the mud, and not hers. I mean help a man out.

      I see her capitalizing from the rumors. Her new found fame in the US is based on rumors.Rumors she hasn’t clarified.

  7. Ooh look yet another nobody trying to be somebody. This trick needs to go somewhere and sitdown.

  8. The entire trio is MESSSSSYYYYY! I’m glad Swizz and Alicia are “surrounded in love” as A.Keys likes to call it, but at whose expense are they happy? Everybody else’s seems like.

  9. I just think she is speaking on her truth because is apart of the puzzle with people realize it or not. She might have known and she might not have known I mean Swizz is a hell of a lair so no surprises there. AK on the other hand is taking it to the extreme but it is her life time exposes the truth eventually. I would rather see a woman who is willing to speak of her choices whether wrong or right then an arrogant woman who acts like her action and choices don’t bother and affect other people. They are all in a mess just like Lil Wayne and his baby momma’s it will be the children who suffer not the easy or unscrupulous that were involved. People were getting on Mashonda for telling her side but she has that right like any other person. Now we are just waiting for his oldest child mother to speak.

  10. I mean just look at Mel Gibson situation he left his wife and family for this side woman who only cared about her own motives. Now look at him he can’t stand her azz and is now categorizing this event as the biggest mistake in him life but now a child is born. Ak and Swizz is not the only person who has a side they just are not talking about it. You never get happiness by stepping on the backs of others because energy begets energy meaning the same kind that you throw out their is the same kind of energy that you get back.

    • @resurrected, i don’t think this is anything like mel gibson. has swizz become a racist, homophobic, abuser?

  11. next nothing but trickeration

  12. Thank you for posting this Mrs.Grapevine.

    Jahna’s quote is on POINT! About the lack of morality to increase one’s career.

    • @Ms. Observant, but she’s only become known because of these rumors. so what’s the difference?

  13. She started messing with him while he was still married..I love A.K. ….I thought she was better than that but having a baby and SMH marring a man that cheated on the wife before you….she is stupid!! He is barley divorce but married her!! What makes her think he is going to do right by her??

  14. I’m a bit confused at this story, this is what Jahna has on her blog: http://t.co/ZUfzPyh on this issue, so at this point, won’t a retraction be appropriate?

    Yes, I know I’m super late to the party, but as I stumbled across this, I think fair is fair…

  15. who cares, there’ll that same…

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