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Singer Mario Turned Thug On Us; Punches Engineer At Concert

I am sad to report anything negative on singer Mario Barrett because I actually like his music and thinks he’s extremely talented, but since his last album flopped, he has been acting out of pocket. No, I’m not going to blame it on his new girlfriend, Dez, who was dating  his manager before dating him. I’m just going to say it’s all a coincidence, the timing and all.

Mario Barret is accused of punching the sound engineer and knocking him off stage during a performance at the 16th Annual Rochester Music Festival, in Rochester, NY. Check out the facts, along with Mario’s statement via twitter:

According to sources, Mario was performing on stage, and went over his allotted time.  I don’t know how far over he went, but obviously it was long enough that the sound engineer felt the need to cut the sound from Mario’s mic, and turn on the house lights. Mario obviously upset or embarrassed, got into an argument with the sound guy. Moments later, Mario punches the sound guy and it’s lights out.

According to Mario, the rumors are true that he punched the sound guy, but he claims the engineer grabbed him first:

*sarcasm* Oh! That makes sense, he grabs Mario’s arm and Mario punched him…

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