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Part 2: Mashonda CONFIRMS AFFAIR & Talks About Her Public Tweet To Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

I have gotten so many e-mails about Part 2 of Mashonda’s interview with Vibe. Well, it’s finally here! Mashonda talks about those infamous tweets that set it off, and confirms that Swizz Beatz admitted to an affair with Alicia Keys. Well, that settles it for me, it also explains why the other side isn’t talking.

So far, I don’t see a reason not to believe Mashonda. I am sure there is more to the story, but she sounds credible to me. I’m glad she spoke her piece.

Mashonda 3 0 Part 2: Mashonda CONFIRMS AFFAIR & Talks About Her Public Tweet To Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

You’ve mentioned in the past that Swizz repeatedly denied having an affair with Alicia. Did he ever fully come out and admit to it?

My husband admitted to having his affair on Mothers Day 2008, six months after I found out. I didn’t sleep for a whole year. I had to take pills to sleep because I’d wake up in the middle of the night crying. I couldn’t even look at my son some days because I didn’t have the strength and I never wanted him to feel my bad energy. It was a battle. They are just now going public, but this has been going on for a very long time. I refused to really break it down for people to understand because there was no way I could go around not making [Swizz and Alicia] look extra crazy and I didn’t want to put that out there for my son. I didn’t want him to see his father as a monster. But the shit is deep.

That’s commendable to say. But what about that Twitter message you sent her?
I did not expect that letter to do what it did, I swear. I was in a state of insanity when I wrote that letter. I sat on the bed and I was like, ‘I can’t take this shit anymore’ and lost my mind. I sat and wrote it all out on paper first, and then I tweeted it. The next morning it was on every blog and I was like ‘Ah! Oh my God, what the fuck did I do?!’ It was not intended to be that. And I kind of felt bad.

What was the last thing you remember doing to keep the marriage in tact?

I’m fighting for my fucking husband. I don’t care who he’s dating, I don’t care how much money she’s got, I’m fighting for my husband.’ And then I realized… I can’t fight for him… he doesn’t want to be with me. I’m not going to win this one.

How do you fight for a husband?
I fought more for the family than I did for my husband. It wasn’t ‘I love you, don’t leave me.’ It was never that because that’s not even me. It was, ‘Let’s work it out for this baby. You can’t leave. I can’t be a single mom. Let’s go to counseling, we are a family.’

Did you ever get a response?
None… none.

Were these conversations mainly over the phone?
Phone. Person. He lived here for a long time after he left to go be with her. He was back and forth.

What were the beginnings of your relationship like?
What people don’t know about me is that I got my first publishing deal when I was 18 with Warner Chapel Music, I got my first record deal with Columbia Records when I was 19. This was all before I met Swizz. He saw my picture in a studio and was like ‘She’s beautiful. I want her.’ When we met, we were crazy about each other. We fell in love hard. In the very beginning of our relationship, I had a lot more money than him and he would rarely want to stay at my place. So I’d give in and go to his apartment, which had no furniture. We’d sleep on the floor with our winter coats on. This was all when he was just starting out. That’s how far back we go.

Have you been getting your alimony and child-support payments?
Everything is perfect now, but there was a time where shit was a little rocky. At first there was an issue, but now we’re in a good place. He realizes it’s just something you have to do. It’s a part of divorce. He is really trying to be a better person to me and he’s doing an excellent job at being a better dad. But I still have to get out of this house. It’s too big and I just want to start over somewhere new; some place that has absolutely no memories of my marriage. I’m really excited to leave. I’ve been packing for months.

So much more to read, I have to say Vibe did a great job getting the juice. To read all of Part 2, click here.

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  1. I knew it. Let’s see how many people defend Alicia now.

    • @Jilly Bean,

      So true. Her fans will sticky by her no matter what. A “good” person is subjective these days..not quite right.

  2. My whole thing with Alicia is, why would you want a piece of $h!t like Swiss after the way he treated his wife? He got another woman pregnant while he was married to Mashonda, then Alicia let him get her foolish @ss pregnant before his divorce was finalized, don’t she see the patteren? How could she be sooooooo stupid.

  3. LOL at her saying Alicia just listened, um…of course she knew you were going public with whatever she said. Oh well the interview was damaging to Alicia but I have a feeling it is not over…

  4. Ok, Mashonda says it’s deep, OMG, I feel a snow-ball effect coming on. Some things are about to be exposed, this might be test #1 on how strong Swizz and Alicia’s relationship really is. There is a fine line between being in love and being stupid, Alicia is leaning more towards stupid!! He was back n forth after he left home to be with Alicia, this shows he is very much so unstable, and double minded. The only reason he chose Alicia, is because, he was having money issues. I will say it again, this man is not in love with Alicia, it’s lust n pride, he was drowning in financial debts, Alicia threw he a life-line he had to take it, or lose everything he had. Green or blue pill, you live and you learn (in my Jay-Z voice). I feel this is why Mashonda said, she understands why he made the decisions he made. She realize he did what he felt was best for his financial distress, it was said some time again, Alicia did say she knew his divorce would hit him hard financially, but she was willing to help him, because she loved him. I dont think she knew about all the tax liens and 7million dollar debt though. In conclusion, if Alicia offered to buy his love, to win him from his wife, Alicia is not the person I thought she was, she is a very sad little girl, the some serious emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds, that she needs to get heal, before moving on into a marriage and becoming a mother.

    • @Cole, when did you hear Alicia say that,I’ve never heard her say anything? As far as his debt it is their debt as in Swizz and Mashonda. I wonder why Mashonda never spoke on all those tax liens they had together over the years and how they got to owe the IRS 2.2 million. They had to be doing some serious mismanagement of money. Either way the liens are on both of them. So if his pockets are hurting then hers are too.

    • @Cole,

      My girl! Well said. Agreed.

      It’s all so tragic really. Swizz basically does this pattern repeatedly to different people.

      I do wonder why Mashonda married him after he got someone else pregnant and had affairs. Man now that is some strength.

      Can you see why she would be mad after 10 years of foolishness?

      • @Ms. Observant, Know why she married him, the same reason Alicia agreed to marry him. Swizz has a serious talk game, he knows just what they want. He feeds off of their hurt,pain, and desire to be loved. Notice the pattern, when he got with Mashonda, she had been raped and violated, which probably made her feel, worthless, embarrassed, not desired, unattractive, ect., then he comes and stands in the gap for her, making her feel loved and respected by a man . Ok, same with Alicia, she just been thru a breakup with a long time boyfriend, going thru some serious issues with that, Swizz comes along, pretend he knows her pain, because he is also going thru a breakup with a long time partner(lies). Swizz makes Alicia feel she has connected with someone on her level, that she can relate to, and they can help each other thru the pain and hurt, and have the opportunity to fall in love again, just a brief explaination. Pimp Chronicles 101, I’ll publish the book later….HaHa.

      • @Cole,

        haha that is “pimp chronicles”

        That is a very good analysis. It’s sad how people are having babies and getting married like it’s recycling. It’s sacred before God people!

        That definitely sounds like a demonic spirit (not him) but the spirits involved..the deception.

        This is so trife and sad…

  5. @koko, referring to someone in her circle, who leaked out how she personally felt about him, and what she said about his situation. Quoting Alicia said that.

    • @Cole, got it.
      On another note did anyone else think the whole date rape thing was weird? She isn’t telling because of her career and not sending him to jail, I don’t get that, I understand it happened a while ago but why say it now especially if you are not going to do anything about it. That is not a good message to send to girls. I don’t understand that part.

      • @,

        Yeah I thought the date rape thing was random and didn’t need to be said.

        After such a powerful interview in the first few parts, that rape section kind of made it felt random and made it questionable because it didn’t flow with any of the other information.

        Overall I think it’s good that she expressed herself and kept it REAL.

  6. LOL at Swizz’s twitters:

    He who say’s nothing know that silence will speak 4 him:) 2010= positive energy no matter what! I wish everybody a blessed day CHEERS!!!

    THROW BACK OF THE WEEK :) – You talk too much http://youtu.be/_1lVSWaafec RUN DMC THE GREAT…
    about 8 hours ago via web

    I must say you do have to laugh at the craziness of some of this!!

    • @koko, You know what, he says silence speaks for you right, why you talking then, you all up on twitter, throwing shots, Mashonda must have stirred up something, in his house-hold. Swizz lies got to come out one way or the other, in the end, shoot me now for saying it. I do believe he will end up back home with Mashonda.

  7. Both interviews were nice and I am glad that she had a change to vent. Ak and Swizz have been venting in all kinds of ways which brings along this new baby. I in no way believe that Swizz and AK starting messing with each other after the separation because mashonda son is only 3 and I am sure this has been bubbling for at least 3 years now. Ak is so wrong for speaking of her love as if it is flawless and was developed on good terms. I am so in love even though another woman maybe hurting because of it but my love is beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllll….

    • @resurrected,

      LOL true..it’s gross

  8. Next time you should condense your post, try to leave out the parts that people ignore.

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