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OMG! The Lyrics To Eminem & Rihanna’s New Song: Love The Way You Lie

Eminem beat Kim until she was black and blue repeatedly and he’s one of the best rappers alive, Chris Brown beat Rihanna and he’s the worst person on the face of this earth.

So let’s talk about abuse and domestic violence! Eminem and Rihanna collaborated on a new song, Love The Way You Lie,  talking about the sick cycle of domestic violence. A year and half after the Chris Brown and Rihanna assault, we’re back on this topic. Love The Way You Lie has the potential to be one of the biggest hits this year, which means physical abuse and emotional abuse will be on a lot of our minds.

Now you’re in each other’s face spewin’ venom in your words when you spit em |You push pull each other’s hair | Scratch claw hit em throw em down pin em | So lost in the moments when you’re in em | It’s the face that’s the culprit, controls you both | So they say it’s best to go your seperate ways | Guess that they don’t know ya | Cause today that was yesterday | Yesterday is over, it’s a different day

[Photo Credit: Rap Radar]

At first, I thought this was an attempt to get back at Chris Brown and make money while doing so, or in other words a way to market the situation for publicity. But that was not the case. I love this song, and I hate this song. I love this song because Eminem is open about his role and the part he played in an abusive relationship with Kim, who he beat until she was black and blue repeatedly, and even sent her to the hospital. I hate this song because Eminem is a serial abuser, and  he has never suffered the backlash from his abuse, and if this song is a hit, he will also make money from it. I appreciate him for putting his heart on his sleeves, and opening up his mind to this sick cycle, but it also reminds me how fair the media can be when the victims has NO NAME (celebrity status).

I also hate this song because Rihanna describes the lyrics as, “so deep, so beautiful and intense. It’s something that I understood, something I connected with.” It was nothing beautiful about that night back in February of 2009, and it’s nothing beautiful about that type of violence. Secondly, this song is just from the perspective of the abuser, and in a recent interview regarding the song, Rihanna only admits to being a victim of physical (on the other side of it). Yes she was a victim of abuse, but she wasn’t “just” a victim. Let’s be honest, Chris Brown was the only one that got caught. I don’t won’t to marginalize Rihanna’s experience because I know abuse hurts and it stays with you, but in her own words Rihanna admits to slapping Chris Brown (not that particular night but times before). Like Rihanna said in a past interview, the bruises will heal, it’s what the abuse does to you mentally and emotionally that doesn’t go away. So a slap from a woman may not break a man on the outside, but it certainly can leave a scar on the inside.

Domestic violence is not a one situation fits all, some people are sadistic and controlling (Mel Gibson), and others model abusive patterns from relationships they’ve observed, and some just never learned the proper way to cope or deal with anger.

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