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Is White Media Trying To Destroy Chris Brown’s Career?

Disclaimer: Not all white blogs, and definitely not all white people. There are always exceptions, and you can look at it this way, are black blogs too friendly toward Breezy?

Chris Brown performance was the highlight of the BET Awards [PERIOD]. The white media adopted Rihanna as their honorary pop princess, and used everything in their power to  destroy Chris Brown as an artist. I don’t condone violence, point blank, but the way the other media has treated Chris Brown is sadistic. Now, on the heels of a high moment, that proves this young man has actual talent , everyone and their mother are trying to discredit the moment to bring him down.

The new thing is that Chris Brown used eye drops and tear gas to cause fake tears , do people even know what tear gas is? If Chris Brown faked it, then great (standing ovation), that means he’s an awesome actor that needs to pursue a career in film. Secondly,  it also confirms Chris Brown’s performance was stunning. He obviously captured Michael Jackson because he pulled us all in. It’s amazing how he got his voice to crack like a pubescent boy, and it’s amazing that instead of sharing a tear or two and finishing the song, he full out sobbed like black mother at a funeral, putting his manhood on trial in a room full of  peers (put on quite a show).

All this digging to undermine a moment that was classic and passionate is just ridiculous, especially knowing that certain media has done everything in their power to shut him out– in the first place. Chris Brown did his thing at the BET Awards, and it was real to me. A lot more real than Lady GaGa’s dark theatrics, or Rihanna’s red hair. So what’s the point in trying to prove whether or not it was fake. It was just simply great!

But mag’ US Weekly claims one of Brown’s bodyguards gave him eyedrops just before the performance to induce tears. (Those must have been some magical eye drops that made him “act” well, too)

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